Most Recent Youtube Video!

Most Recent Youtube Video

HighCom Security’s Level IV Body Armor Rocks!

This is a test of a HighCom Security Level IV (4S17) Armor Plate. You can get all of the details about this plate by visiting Highcom’s website here: Overall I was really impressed with all of the abuse these plates took! On the first plate I shot it with a 30-06 3 times! Followed by some really hot AR-15 rounds. Then on the second piece of body armor I shot it with some .223 Tula and some 7.62 x 39mm Tula and in both cases they stood up to it very well! Had I spread the shots out a bit more I am sure it would have taken even more abuse! Take a look at the video below to see how it did!

Checkout the video below to see me shoot the HighCom Security IV Body Armor:

You can also click here to watch on Youtube as well:

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Level IV Body Armor Plate Test

LandShark: Emergency Bivy Bag For Survival Kits or Bug Out Bags

I think this sweet new emergency shelter system from Land Shark is probably the third most overlooked item for a Bug Out Bag.  See some of the other most frequently overlooked survival and prepping items in this playlist:

A good sleeping system that is light and compact but very effective and creating a micro environment and helping you to keep your core body temperature at 98.6 degrees is critical to have in a bug out bag or survival kit.  A small space blankets work to a degree but they are cheap crap compared to the Land Shark! Go to to check the out!

This emergency bivy bag is waterproof and windproof! It can even be used in water if you have a personal flotation device to keep you afloat. The bivy is reinforced with ripstop stitching throughout and double sewn seams. It is very tough! The downside to it being fully waterproof and windproof is that you will need to actively manage that air flow into and out of the ivy bag in order to avoid condensation on the inside of the bag.  However, this is easily accomplished because most people do not fully “sleep” during survival situations, so opening the ivy bag opening as needed is an easy and natural task to accomplish instinctively.

The LandShark Emergency Bivy bag will give some people a bit of sticker shock but to them I would say how much would you be willing to pay for a bivy bag if you were without one in a survival situation?  This bag is vacuum packed, very slim and light weight and will be good for years to come!

What Emergency Survival Bivy Bag Do You Prefer?

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LandShark Emergency Bivy Bag Review

Urban Survival Tips: Spring Loaded Punch vs Fixed Point Glass Breakers

This is a look at two different types of Urban Survival Tools. First the Schrade MAGIC and then the Sog Escape, which I got from Brownells in the Echo Sigma Emergency Systems – Runner System that I reviewed previously here. The MAGIC has a spring loaded punch and the SOG Escape has a fixed point glass breaker. Both do the job and are great pieces of urban survival gear.

I also quickly test how well each knife cuts a seat belt.  The MAGIC faired a bit better, but the SOG pulled through ok in the end as well.

What knife or tool do you keep in your car to break glass or cut seat belts in an emergency?

Urban Survival Tips: Spring Punch Verse Fixed Glass Breakers

3 Cool New Fire Starting Tinders For Wilderness Survival and Camping

This is a look at three cool new(ish) fire starting tinders for wilderness survival and camping, hiking, or any outdoor activity where you might need to start a fire.  I take a look at the Zombie Tinder, the Zippo Fire Starters and Fire Cord.  Two of these items came in the Apocabox which you can get here: You can also get them in my survival store here:

What Is Your Favorite Fire Starter?

Let us know in the comments below!

3 Cool New Fire Starters

Urban Survival Tips: An Easy Way To Break Vehicle Glass In An Emergency

Here are a couple of quick tips on ways to make breaking vehicle glass a little easier.  Should you ever find yourself needing to break into or out of a vehicle to extricate a person (or yourself) who is stuck after a wreck.  Or if you needed to break into a vehicle after a collapse of the government to gather supplies or whatever the case may be.  These urban survival tips might make it a touch easier.  Of course you can always grab a huge rock and smash the window as well, but these tips are meant to be a little more sophisticated than that, hopefully!

What Are The Effective Ways To Break Glass That You Know Of?

Let us know in the comments below!

Urban Survival Tips: An Easy Way To Break Vehicle Glass

Urban Survival Tips: How To Prevent Break Ins Through Your Garage Door!

This Urban Survival Tip shows a couple of easy DIY ways for How To Prevent Break Ins Through Your Garage.  In times of economic downturn crime rates will increase and burglars will look for homes that are easy targets to break into. Use these methods to keep them from be able to get into your home quite so easily!

Check the links below for additional videos on this subject and some alternatives to keeping your home safe as well:

Urban Survival Tips: How To Prevent Garage Break Ins