10 Uses For 10 Multi-Purpose Survival Items


10 Multi-Purpose Survival Items And Ten Of Their Top Uses


If you’ve been reading about prepping and survival for some time at some point you have probably run into those articles that show tons of uses for a certain item, right?  The fact of the matter is, there’re a lot of these multi-purpose items, making them perfect for your stockpile. Plus, there’s a secret usage for all of them that I’m gonna share with you at the end of this article.

Baking Soda

What would all our preparations be without baking soda? There are far more than 10 uses to hit but here we are, anyway:

1. Toothpaste (mix with a little water to obtain one of the best toothpaste you’ll ever use).
2. Deodorant (just scrub it under your armpits)
3. Use it to put out a fire.
4. Boosts bleach (add it to your bleach to improve its effectiveness).
5. Soap (1 part baking soda and 3 parts of water and you’ve got yourself homemade soap).
6. Removes grease and oil stains.
7. Works as an antacid for heartburn.
8. Helps against sunburns.
9. Cleans almost everything (the floor, your car, furniture etc.).
10. Effective against fungus (just pat some powder on the affected area).

Duct Tape

Aside from tape you can also use it to:
1. Make cordage.
2. Make a bandage.
3. As a fire tinder.
4. To make a trap for small rodents.
5. Make an S.O.S. sign on your tent by placing three X-es made of duct tape).
6. Reseal food packages
7. Keep glass from shattering into a million pieces during high winds.
8. Cover holes in your clothes / shoes.
9. Temporarily fix or slow a leaky pipe or hose.
10. Make a spear by securing a knife to a pole

By the way, you can find a lot more uses for duct tape here.


There are literally thousands of possible uses for paracord but here are a few good ones to get you thinking!

1. Replacement for your shoelaces.
2. Make a snare.
3. To tie someone up (to a tree or just his hands).
4. Dental floss (you need to pull out the internal strands and then break down the internal strands to the smallest pieces).
5. As a tourniquet – Only as an absolute last resort, using something this small could cause additional nerve damage. Wider objects like belts are better.
6. Tie out a tent or a tarp.
7. Clothes line, to dry wet clothes.
8. Tie up a Food cache to keep away from bears or other pests.
9. As a fire tinder (pull out the inner strands and unravel them completely into a small rats nest and that can be ignited by match or sparks.
10. As a thread for a suture / stitches (Break down into the smallest individual fibers, if possible boil the thread before using to reduce the chance of infection).

Bandana / Shemagh

Bandanas have plenty uses as well. For example:

1. As a diaper for a child (I probably wouldn’t use it for anything else afterwards, though).
2. As a tourniquet (a better option than paracord).
3. Use it for a dish rag.
4. Dip it in lemon juice and wear it as a mask to protect from tear gas.
5. As a part of a DIY water filter (Won’t purify but will remove debris).
6. As a head wrap protect from the sun and blowing sand, dirt, etc.
7. Use it to sling a rope over a tall branch (put a small rock into the center and tie the cord or rope to the end and then toss the rock over the branch).
8. As a coffee filter.
9. As material for a food cache.
10. As an arm sling.

Tin Cans

Ok, now we’re getting into the good stuff. You can repurpose tin cans:
1. To make improvised cutting tools.
2. To make mediocre signaling mirrors (Aluminum cans work best).
3. As cooking pots for food or boiling water.
4. To build a rocket stove.
5. As trash containers.
6. As an improvised shower head (Just bore several small holes in the bottom and then fill the can with water).
7. As a general purpose container to hold spoons, knives, forks etc.
8. to safely contain candles while burning.
9. Fashion arrow heads or fish hooks or snare hooks.
10. For digging (sand, snow, loose soil, etc.)

Surprisingly, lip balm has plenty of uses and makes a nice addition to your bug-out bag. Here are 10 of them:

1. To prevent blisters (apply a little bit to a hot spot).
2. Helps heal small cuts (such as those left by razors).
3. To make small improvised candles.
4. To prevent rust from settling in (on your axes, saws, carbon steel knives etc.)
5. As fishing bait.
6. As a temporary plug to prevent small leaks in water containers.
7. Mix with lint or cotton as a fire tinder.
8. Use it as a lubricant on the socket of a bow drill.
9. Mix with charcoal and it can help to reduce glare in arctic or desert conditions (just mix with charcoal dust and rub it under your eyes like a football player).
10. And of course as lip balm for chapped lips.


Bleach can be used to do a ton of things as well but here are a few to get you started:

1. To purify water (8 drops per gallon or 2 drops per liter of regular unscented household bleach).
2. As a strong general purpose disinfectant (mix one half cup of regular unscented household bleach with one cup of water).
3. As a more mild general purpose disinfectant for hard surfaces, bathrooms, countertops, etc (mix two teaspoons per gallon of water).
4. Add to standing water in your yard to prevent insects from laying eggs.
5. As a mold killer (one cup per one gallon of water).
6. to destroy airborne viruses
7. To sanitize clothing (1 to 100 ratio, but it will fade clothing or whiten totally if too strong).
8. To build a solar bottle bulb (using a clear plastic water bottle and a bleach and water solution).
9. To remove stains on porcelain.
10. For decontaminating items after flooding.

Wood Ash

You’d be surprised of the many uses of ash. Here are just a few:

1. To raise the pH of the soil.
2. Used as an insect repellent around a garden by sprinkling a thin line around the base of a garden (Once wet it will need refreshed).
3. For your chickens (they love to take baths in ash, killing lice and mites).
4. As an ingredient for making lye soap.
5. To remove skunk smells or other foul odor from pets or clothing.
6. Make into a paste to clean or polish silver or other metals or glass.
7. To melt ice on a sidewalk or pathway.
8. To enrich a compost pile.
9. As a plant fertilizer for tomatoes.
10. As an ant hill destroyer / repellant.


Honey is one sweet multi-use item:

1. To relieve a sore throat (Mix with juice from a lemon).
2. As an energy booster, loaded with natural sugars and fructose.
3. To remove parasites (Mix with equal parts of honey, vinegar and water).
4. To help remove acne (dab a bit on the zit, cover with a band aid for 30 mins and then wash off). 
5. As a replacement for sugar in baking (one cup of sugar is equal to 3/4 cup of honey).
6. To help wounds recover faster (Honey is a natural antiseptic, just apply it to a wound like you would with neosporin or any other topical antibiotic).
7. To moisturize dry and damaged skin (apply to the dry spot for 20 mins and wash off or lick it off).
8. Apply honey to a splinter to help draw it out.
9. As a base for preserving perishable fruits.
10. As a preservative for milk.

Ziploc Bags

You’re gonna love all the things you can use Ziploc bags for:
1. As emergency protective gloves.
2. To stash anything in your BOB that needs to be waterproof (tinder, medicine, spare batteries etc.).
3. Collect water from tree leaves (just secure it over a branch and you’ve have made a transpiration bag that will produce a small amount of drinking water – make sure not to do this on a poisonous plant or tree as the poison can be present in the water).
4. To make blocks of ice (fill the bag and freeze in your freezer or outside in the winter).
5. To save a phone that’s was accidentally dropped in water (place it in a Ziploc bag along with rice, which will absorb the moisture).
6. Make an improvised funnels by pinching a hole in one corner and then filling the bag with whatever fluid you need to transfer.
7. As a small pillow (fill with leaves, socks, a small towel or anything else that’s soft).
8. As an improvised make shift flotation device (fill many of them with air or buoyant material and place them in your bug-out bag to keep you floating when crossing a river).
9. To cover a sucking chest wound ( secure the bandage on three sides to allow pressure to escape from the chest cavity, but will prevent air from being pulled into the chest cavity when breathing in).
10. As a water proof sock to insulate your feet from water, cold, snow etc. (Put your feet inside and then put on your shoes or boots. You may need to use duct tape to secure them.)

Plastic Bottles

Any plastic bottle makes a great container but clear plastic bottles has many great survival and prepping uses:
1. Build a solar bottle bulb
2. Build a mouse trap trap.
3. Make funnel by cutting the bottom off of it and removing the lid.
4. Make a survival water filter.
5. Can also be a food storage container, such as grains, berries, etc.
6. Make a small bowls (by cutting the bottom 1/3 or so off).
7. Build a canoe or other floating raft.
8. Make cordage with plastic bottles.

9. Boil water in a water bottle (fill the bottle completely and suspend over a fire until it begins to boil).

10. Use a clear bottle to purify water using the SODIS method.

Ok, there were some ideas to get you started!  No more and no less than 100 uses for some of the most common everyday household items that would be highly useful in a disaster preparedness or survival situation. Speaking of which, they may be easy to get right now but what about post-SHTF? Stockpile them now and you’ll have very good leverage when bartering.  This is the hidden usage for all of them I was telling you about in the beginning of this article. The more uses these items they have, the more sought-after they’ll be, making them excellent for bartering purposes. So start stockpiling!

This has been a guest post by Dan Sullivan the author of http://www.survivalsullivan.com, Dan has several great articles so head on over there and check them out!


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