3 Bushcraft Knives You Can’t Afford To Pass Up


These 3 Bushcraft Knives Are A Great Value

Take a look at the three new bushcraft knives I recently acquired. The great thing about these bushcraft knives is that each one of them was under $35.00!  I conducted a table top review of each of them and so far I think they are all three top quality bushcraft knives for the money.  A couple of the knives are made by companies that I typically had not previously owned many knives from because I wasn’t impressed with the companies quality.  But these bushcraft knives may have changed my mind on their ability to build a good quality product at very reasonable prices.

Bushcraft Knife 1: Victorinox Farmer Silver Alox

This is my favorite new pocket knife! I have carried it everyday since I got it and use it all of the time! I love it.  I have used a lot of Victorinox knives over the years, but I think this is their best yet.  For more information on Victorinox Knives Click Here to see their full selection of knives.  Take a look at the video below and let me know in the comments what your favorite pocket knife is!

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Bushcraft Knife 2: Kershaw Antelope Hunter 2

This is a great medium sized bushcraft knife.  I had typically not been a huge fan of Kershaw in the past because I was just never impressed with the quality of many of their knives.  However, I have been very impressed with some of their recent knives.  For more Kershaw knives click here to visit their main website.  Take a look at this Antelope Hunter 2 and let me know how you like it or what knife in the same category you like better?

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Bushcraft Knife 3: Condor Bushlore 2011

In the past Condor had trouble getting the grind right on this series of bushcraft knives, and although it still isn’t perfect, it isn’t terrible either.  I think with a little work on the edge it could be a really good Bushcraft knife.  Take a look at the video and let me know in the comments what you think of the grind they put on these knives.  For more information on Condor knives, see their website by clicking here.

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What Are Your Favorite 3 Bushcraft Knives? Please leave a comment down below!

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9 thoughts on “3 Bushcraft Knives You Can’t Afford To Pass Up

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  2. The Kershaw looks like a good tool. The point will take a bit off effort to break off, and the handle seems secure in the hand. I would like to see how the handle stays in the hand when twisting through materials. A strong shop magnet, of the type used for retrieving dropped tools and bolts might be able to tell you how far back that tang goes.

    I really like the Condor’s looks. Seems capable all around. The handle pins appear to be brass, is that right? If so, they can be restaked or replaced if you want to make changes to the handle. I also like how the edge comes to the handle, for good leverage.

    Have you considered the shorty version of the Ka-Bar fighting knife? 5 1/4″ blade.
    LP recently posted..Some BORV Upgrade RecommendationsMy Profile

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  4. LP, Using a shop magnet is an excellent idea, I hadn’t thought of that before! Thanks, Im gonna try it right now. I do like the Condor as well, I wish it were an inch or so longer, and the bevel needs quite a bit of work, but overall its pretty sweet for $35.00. Thanks for the comment! Cheers JJ

  5. Ive both the Lore Condor knife and the Swiss..I concur, both tops knives..Mine get used and abused.

  6. I love my SOG Seal Pup.Very light fixed blade with a good sheath,hair shaving sharp for only $50!

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