3 Cool New Fire Starters


3 Cool New Fire Starting Tinders For Wilderness Survival and Camping

This is a look at three cool new(ish) fire starting tinders for wilderness survival and camping, hiking, or any outdoor activity where you might need to start a fire.  I take a look at the Zombie Tinder, the Zippo Fire Starters and Fire Cord.  Two of these items came in the Apocabox which you can get here: http://goo.gl/kfAcLQ. You can also get them in my survival store by clicking the links below!

Each of these tinders has some unique benefits.  The Zombie Tinder burns the longest of the three for sure!  It also comes in a multi use tin can that could be used to make char cloth or store other small items, etc. The Fire Cord burnt out the quickest but it is built in as one of the inner strands of the 550 Cord so this has many obvious benefits.  The cord can be used in as many ways as normal 550 cord can be used. The Zippo tinder had a medium burn time and have a nice small and compact package that can be easily carried in a pocket or hidden away in an emergency kit.  All three will work well in an emergency survival situation.  Now you just need to determine which is best for your personal setup!

Let us know in the comments below!

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2 thoughts on “3 Cool New Fire Starters

  1. mine is a home made one very simple easy to make and will work every single time
    vasoline jelly and cotton balls soak the cotton balls in melted jelly let em cool put in a what ever kinda container you want and your all set i went so far as put these in a bowl of water let sit there and they still lit

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