5 Survival Fishing Tips


Five Survival Fishing Tips And One Cool Fishing Kit

This post will take a quick look at 5 survival fishing tips and give you a look at a pretty sweet little fishing kit from Stanford Outdoor Supply.  Fishing is perhaps one of the most effective ways for a person in an extended wilderness survival situation to be able to supplement their food supply with fresh and wholesome meat. Four of these tips focus on using some level (albeit minimal) of gear or tackle, etc., one of the tips talks about some ways to corral fish into a small area so that you can catch them with no gear. Take a look at the videos below and let us know in the comments below what is your most successful fishing tip? Before we get started take a look at the Survival Fishing and Hunting Supplement Kit in the video below!


How To Build A Modified Trot Line

This video shows how to use a very minimal amount of resources to make an effective trot line that can be used on a small stream or creek to catch small brook trout or chad, etc. The great thing about this method is that you can leave it out and let it work for you while you are working on other tasks.  It is also relatively low profile and is unlikely to be noticed by anyone who happens through the area.


How To Set And Use A YOYO Style Fishing Reel

Many of you have probably seen these little self contained, self powered fishing reels and thought hmmm…. I would like to try that sometime.  Then forgot about them until the next time you saw them.  I was the same way! Well after getting a few of them and playing with them a bit I can tell you they are a pretty cool invention! Checkout the video below where I show one way to set them in a small creek with a series of beaver ponds.


How To Make A Modified Jug Line

In today’s day and age you can find discarded water bottles about everywhere on the planet. If you are lucky enough to find such a water bottle when you are in a survival situation you can use that bottle to help you get some fish for dinner! The video below shows how to use that water bottle to make a very simple modified jug line.  This method could be used in a pond, lake, stream, or even a bigger river!


How To Make An Improvised Fishing Pole With Reel

This video shows a cool little modification to the basic cane fishing pole that allows you to reel in some extra slack line. The cane fishing pole is a highly effective fishing method that has been proven over the last hundred or more years.  Just ask any 12 year old kid who has fished a farm pond and caught more bluegill than he could ever eat!


How To Catch Fish With No Pole Or Tackle

This video talks about a few ideas for corralling fish into a small pool of water so that you can more easily stun them or kill them with a large rock or log, etc.


Hopefully these survival fishing tips will give you a few ideas that you could use to put some fish on the dinner table (or tree stump) if you are ever caught in a wilderness survival situation.

Be sure to put your favorite fishing tip in the comments below!


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