6 Urban Survival Tips For Self Defense Shooting


6 Urban Survival Tips For Self Defense Shooting

As a part of Self Defense Week I thought it may be of benefit to re-address a few tips for self defense shooting practice. The first two points are pretty basic and the last four are a little more advanced. The point of this compilation video is to hopefully spur thought about the way you train, give you a few shooting positions you may not have used before and go over some of the basics.  The fundamentals are important, but once you have those down you need to advance and start getting into more complicated shooting positions, shooting from cover, shooting and moving, etc. Many ranges won’t allow this type of training, especially indoor ranges.  But hopefully you will be able to find a range within a reasonable distance from your home to practice some of these techniques soon if you don’t do them already!

The Three Point Draw – A Basic Fundamental – But Fundamentally Important To Get Correct!

The Three Point Draw - A Basic Fundamental - But Fundamentally Important To Get Correct! Click To Tweet

Getting a good clean draw with your firearm starts before you even put your hand on it. It starts with a good solid and comfortable holster. There are a lot of gimmick holsters on the market so buyer beware! Personally I prefer a leather outside the waist band holster with either a thumb strap or a tension screw.  I also have a few kydex type holsters that I wear occasionally as well. Or on certain occasions I do also wear an ankle holster (not tactically preferred).  The reason I like the leather outside the waist band holster the best is because I feel it offers me the best three finger grip and the smoothest draw from concealment. Of course the trade off is that the holster and weapon are not concealed as well as some other holsters. So lets break down the Three Point Draw.

  1. Establish a good solid three finger grip on the weapon.
  2. Pull the weapon from the holster and pivot it immediately so that it is parallel to the ground.
  3. While the weapon is parallel to the ground raise it to your sight line while you are extending it towards the target. Then pull the trigger as you place the front sight on your target at the moment you reach full extension.

Watch the video below for a full demonstration.

The Reload – Another Basic Fundamental – But One That Is All Too Frequently Overlooked In Practice.

The Reload is something that we all hope we will never have to do in a gun fight.  Because if you do have to it means that your first magazine wasn’t good enough and they are still coming! Which is all the more reason that this skill should be a regular focus of your training time! So lets breakdown The Reload.

  1.  Drop the magazine, while pulling the firearm in closer to your body, lowering it slightly and canting it a bit. But keep the firearm pointed at the target.
  2. Pull the new magazine from the holster almost simultaneously as you are dropping the old magazine and index it with your fore finger into the magazine well.
  3. Release the slide back into battery (either by the slide release or by racking the slide) and raise the firearm back up to your sight line and reengage the target.

The full demonstration is in the video below beginning at 7:22.

Engaging Multiple Targets – Move The Eyes Then The Firearm.

In today’s crazy world with riots and home invasions and who know what, the possibility of having to engage multiple targets at once is a very real possibility. As such you should be incorporating multiple targets in with your practice. The key to shooting multiple targets is remembering to move your eyes from the first target to the second and then moving your firearm.  If you move your eyes at the same time as the firearm you will likely swing past your target.  It is much faster to move your eyes, then the gun and the gun will more naturally stop at the right place on the intended target.

See the full demonstration in the video below starting at 10:41.

Three Commonly Overlooked But Important Shooting Positions

In this last segment of the video below I go over three really important shooting positions. The first is shooting from your back.  If you get pushed down, you trip or for whatever reason you end up on your back you should know how it feels to draw and fire from the position of laying on your back and shooting between your knees. The second position is shooting from your stomach.  This position is done for the same reasons but is much more uncomfortable.  The last position is shooting from your back but over your head instead of shooting between your knees. The important thing with all of these shooting positions is safety and making sure that you have a safe draw.  This is another reason why these positions are especially important to practice!

See these three demonstrations starting in the video below at 13:45.

See All Six Of These Self Defense Shooting Tips In The Video Below!

Click here to watch this video on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=86Re-cvwhxY&feature=youtu.be


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  5. You did your readers a great favor by sharing three overlooked shooting positions. Firing while laying on your back may prove especially useful in emergency situations.

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