In 1996 I joined the USAF and subsequently become a Survival, Evasion, Resistance, and Escape (SERE) Instructor.  I thoroughly enjoyed the job and excelled at it. I have taught more than 500 USAF Survival School students many different aspects of SERE or Survival from the military perspective.  The goal in military survival is to do what it takes to maintain honor and return alive.  I was a SERE Instructor for about four years and later cross trained into another position.  Once I cross trained out of SERE, I still had a love for the outdoors, but my new career took me away from being able to spend so much time in the wilderness and put me into many third world countries.  So I lost touch with spending time out in the wild and I missed that a lot.   Then I got married and had children…blah blah blah, you know how much time that takes and here we are 12 years later and I have finally been able to get back to teaching Wilderness Survival.  But here in this forum it is a blend of military styles and techniques that I learned as a young instructor and a reality based instruction based on what I have seen in the third world and personally learned over the years.

Why I Started This Site:

Around June 2011, I began reading a few “survival” related blogs and sites.   Many of them contained some very good and well thought out information and I was quite impressed.  Some of them contained what I thought was some really bad and sketchy information where the authors clearly had no idea or practical real world experience living in tough field conditions for weeks on end.  Prior to June 2011, I hadn’t really been exposed to the prevailing thoughts or trends of the online “Survival” or “Prepping” or “Bushcraft” community, but have personally always practiced disaster preparedness and tried to become as self reliant as possible.

I also had the fortune to grow up on a small farm in the Midwest and enjoyed camping, hunting, fishing, hiking, and shooting sports from a relatively young age.  So given my history and expertise on the subject matter and my desire to get back into the woods more often; I thought I would see if I could add anything valuable to the online Survival community by starting this website and hoping to develop it into a free online survival school, where I can interact with readers/viewers, answer questions and demonstrate some of the common and not so common survival techniques that I have picked up over the years.

Although there are most certainly a thousand different opinions on different survival techniques, some good and some bad; my purpose here is not to correct anyone or bash another persons opinion or website, but simply to throw out my suggestions, point of view and ideas.  Which are all based on what I have learned to be true and effective for me over the years.  One thing that is for certain is that in real world survival and emergency situations there are no absolutes.  Therefore, I understand that different ideas, techniques and suggestions could possibly work under differing sets of circumstances.

Site Organization:

For purposes of organizing this site I have broken the information up into five main categories of survival information.  First, “Wilderness Survival” which in my view incorporates any information that deals with having the ability to survive in the wilderness due to a set of emergency circumstances that were forced upon you by some external factor.  Perhaps your car broke down, you or your hunting partner fell and broke a leg, you got lost while hiking or some other situation that left you to stay outdoors for longer than initially expected.

Second,  disaster preparedness or commonly known as “Prepping” which in my view deals with having the ability to survive and thrive in a rural and urban environment in your home before, during or after an emergency situation.  Which could be anything from floods, tornadoes, fires, financial collapse, civil war, extended power outages, martial law, etc.

Third, “Bushcraft” or Primitive Survival which in my view deals with methods and techniques that relate to being able to build fire, shelter or being able to improvise items using primarily all natural or mostly primitive items.

Obviously, in certain circumstances any of these categories could have significant overlap and blend with one another.  Which is where the logo and banners come from.  Because in “Reality” none of us know the time or place of where we may have to apply “Survival” techniques.  Be it in the city or in the wilderness.  But we will certainly have a better chance of surviving an emergency if we are prepared.

I have also added a category that deals with “Guns, Knives & Gear“.  That was mostly due to the fact that most people who would take an interest in reading a “survival” website are likely people who love to talk about guns, knives and gear, etc as much as I do.  As I get new gear and build and improve my own kits I occasionally do posts on the gear I am using and give an honest candid opinion on how well the gun, knife or gear performs for me.

Lastly, I have added a section called “Miscellaneous” which is meant to contain the various topics that don’t fit well into the other categories.  Some of the posts may be topics on survival philosophy, survival mindset, current events, etc.

Site Purpose:

I view this site as an online educational opportunity/tool, so please don’t use comments for political bashing, ranting and conspiracy theories.  Based on my personal experience I find that there are people from all sorts of backgrounds and cultures who are interested in becoming more self reliant and offending them and pushing them away isn’t my goal.  I am a Pro-Rule of law guy, so statements that relate to violent actions against the government or its officials also will not be tolerated.

Bottom line, if you are a criminal and espouse criminal ideology please move along and find another site.  It is my belief that the vast majority of people who are interested in sites like this are honorable and patriotic people who desire nothing more than to earn their keep and keep their earnings.  Their not looking for handouts and are generally willing to give a hand up to help people be more prepared and more self reliant.  So that those people will be able to take care of themselves and others if and when emergency circumstances dictate.

I hope you find the site useful and educational.  Please feel free to share your thoughts and comments on my posts and if you have a topic that you would like to see discussed please let me know.  Also if you would like to write a guest post and or be a regular guest contributor please feel free to contact me as well.  I won’t be able to pay for any articles, but am happy to reciprocate by allowing you to link to your own site, book, products, etc.  Just realize that I will retain the right to edit, format, and post as I see fit and that it should be relevant to this sites subject matter.  Thanks again for stopping by.  Have fun and stay safe.  JJ

Note: Although I am currently a civil servant of the United States government all of the opinions, posts, pages and all content (written, pictures, audio or video), on this are are expressly my own opinions (or my guest authors opinions) and are not affiliated or endorsed in any manner by the United States Government or the Department of Defense.