Altai MF Tactical Boot Review


Altai MF Tactical Boots Rock!

Altai MF Tactical boot

I have been wearing the Altai MF Tactical boots for about three months now and I can say that I have been pleasantly surprised with the comfort and durability of  these boots.  I typically wear Wolverine boots and anyone who has ever worn a set of Wolverine boots knows that they are some of the most comfortable boots on the market.  The Altai MF Tactical boot is every bit as comfortable as my set of Wolverines, without a doubt.  The favorite thing about the Altai MF Tactical boot is its weight, it really doesn’t feel like you have a set of full size boots on your feet.  My second favorite aspect about the Altai MF Tactical boot is that it has an ample sized finger loop on the rear of the upper to make pulling them on super easy!  I really hate it when boots don’t have those…

Altai MF Tactical Boot Specs

Let’s take a look at what Altai says about the Altai MF Tactical boot’s specifications on their website: http://www.AltaiGear.Com.

ALTAI MF Tactical Boots set a new standard for ruggedized footwear. Sporting a highly-durable SuperFabric® Upper and crafted with full-metal eyelets for speed lacing, these extremely lightweight MF Tactical Boots are the superior choice for late shifts, long hauls, and dirty jobs. Thanks to the abrasion and stain resistant SuperFabric® material, you can take the MF Tactical Boots just about anywhere and expect your feet to stay perfectly dry and extremely comfortable.


We take commercially available materials and integrate armor technology for maximum durability, reducing the normal wear and tear that competitive products suffer from.

Light Weight

Our materials pack a high-performance punch while maintaining incredible lightness so that our products don’t weigh you down even after long periods of use.


Lastly, we know that comfort is a high priority for our customers. Again, thanks to the wonders of our SuperFabric® materials, our tactical boots are highly breathable and quick drying as well as extremely soft and well-fitted for every application.

Altai™ Performs. It’s a lightweight boot, with a heavy weight punch. We pack a lot into it.

• Weight: Altai® is light at 650 grams – 23 ounces

• Highly functional upper: SuperFabric®

• Abrasion Resistant

• Quick drying

• Stain Resistant

• Air Permeable

• Vibram® outsole – hiking/treking

• Figure 8 laces

• Speed lacing – metal eyelets

• Padded nylon tongue

• Waterproof leather toe, Polishable

Field Testing The Altai MF Tactical Boot

During my field testing of the boot it has lived up to the claims made by the manufacture above.  I was surprised that they don’t highlight the fact that the boot is waterproof more in their literature.  If you watch the video below you will see a clip where my Altai MF Tactical boots are submerged in a mud puddle and after a couple  minutes of stomping around in the mud and water my socks were still dry.  I have also worn the boots on hikes up into the Appalachian mountains on a few occasions and in each instance hiking a couple miles in rocky and uneven terrain the boots performed very well.  I have also worn them to the range on a couple of occasions and didn’t have any issues shooting with them in multiple positions as well.  To be honest, when I first saw the SuperFabric I was pretty skeptical about how it would hold up.  I worried that the little plastic armor pieces would flake off when it abraded against trees and rocks, etc.  However, so far the leather toe has shown more wear than the SuperFabric, so it has been performing well. 

Video Review Of The Altai MF Tactical Boot

Special Pricing For RealitySurvival Readers!

The MSRP for the Altai MF Tactical Boots is $180.00.  However, I have worked with the manufacture to be able to get a special discount for all of my readers.  If you use the discount/coupon code “Reality” at checkout you will get a pair of these boots for $125.00 plus free shipping!  Got to http://www.AltaiGear.Com to learn more or pick up a pair!

Let me know in the comments below what your biggest pet peeve with boots is and what are currently your favorite boots?


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2 thoughts on “Altai MF Tactical Boot Review

  1. I’m a fan of Danner. They have a fairly good line depending on what kind of work you do (and where you do it), good customer service and warranties, and just a darn good boot. A bit pricier than most, but as already stated, you get what you pay for. Highly recommended. I just don’t like it when boots are hard to get on and off.

  2. These boots are amazing! I got a pair for Christmas from my brother in law, and wow. Obviously the price doesn’t directly effect me for this pair because I got it from Christmas, but they are actually very comfortable and they seem like they could withstand anything in the outdoors. I’ll let you know how they do when I take them hiking in a few weeks!

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