All American Sun Oven Review


All American Sun Oven Review

The All American Sun Oven is an outstanding and pretty amazing piece of gear! I was utterly surprised at how fast this thing got hot when I tested it out.  See the video below to watch how I use it to pasteurize water and to cook a few biscuits on a partly cloudy day! I was really impressed with its ability and now that I know a few more things and with a but of practice I am sure I will like it even more! When I first saw these I wasn’t sure if they were gimmicks or if they actually worked.  But I can tell you that they are quite impressive!

Benefits of an All American Sun OvenBenefits of an All American Sun Oven Click To Tweet

There are several benefits but the most obvious is that it works entirely off of the suns rays.  Solar power. That is it. Nothing else.  So as long as you have sunlight you can cook food, purify water, dehydrate food, steam food, and just about anything that you can do in a normal oven.  In a grid down situation this is a huge benefit! But even when the power is up it can still save on gas or electric bills and it is good for the environment as well! No emissions at all!  At about the size of a suitcase it is also quite portable.  It only weighs in at about 22 pounds.  An additional benefit is that no matter if you cook something too long, it won’t burn the food! All you have to do to cook with this is set it up out in the sun with a clear view of the sky.  Place your food inside and check it every 20-30 mins to make sure it is still lined up with the sun using the built in indicator. Check out the video below to see my full review!  For additional benefits and to get more detail information on how to use this oven you can visit

How much does an All American Sun Oven Cost? Click this link to find out and get $70.00 off retail cost!

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  1. I have been spending a lot of time recently reading and researching solar systems, panels, and heaters and found your article here and now I’ll be off to read more about ovens. Nice one.

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