Benefits of Adding Security Cameras to Your Home


Security Cameras Add A Peace Of Mind

Have you ever wondered what your kids or pets were up to while you are away from the house? You may not want to see the kids taking the entire bag of Oreos and sitting in front of the television playing video games after school. Especially if they promised you they spent an hour doing home work while listening to their stomach rumble. Nor do you necessarily want to watch the dog lift his leg behind the chair in the corner of your living room carpet. But, if you are the type who wants to live life on the edge, consider installing a security system.

The Ability to Monitor Your Home

Even if you live in a safe neighborhood with an active community-watch program, gaining peace of mind from owning a reliable security system is invaluable. You may not even be worried about the hard core thieves, but just want to see who keeps taking your morning paper before you get up in the morning. Often, people walking around the neighborhood, looking for trouble, will be scared off if they see a home-security sign in the yard.

If you love the technical aspect of a home-security system, think about being able to watch what is going on in your home through an app on your cell phone. If you have a teenage daughter, this might be the solution to those long afternoons before you get home from work. Some systems even offer two-way communication through the system which will hopefully help deter unwanted behaviors.  Two way communication could also be highly beneficial in a disaster scenario as well.  You would have the ability to reach out and see and speak to family members  to check on their well being even if you were not there.

Complete Control

Another reason to add a security system to your home is ability to control the lighting when you are away on vacation. In the past, homeowners might set a lamp on a timer to go on and off at specific times throughout the day. If you have ever watched the movie “Home Alone,” you know that thieves are aware of this technique. With a security system, you can vary the time and the lamps that go on and off in different rooms in your home. Neighbors or thieves will never realize you are on vacation.

Increase Home Value

If you are planning to sell you home in the near future, a home-security system could give you an edge. In the current housing market, you may have several houses for sale in your neighborhood. A security system will give the new homeowners a sense of peace and make your home stand out from the rest. While moving from one home to the next, you will not need to worry about a break in, fire or even a flood which will be monitored through your home security system.

You really cannot put a price on peace of mind or the value of your home.  Security systems have come a long way in the last few years and having the ability to monitor all aspects of the home is an added advantage. Although the kids may wonder how you always seem to know what they are doing at the house, only you will know the true secret.

Take a look at this article by JJ Johnson on 25 Tips For Increasing Security At Home.

Note: This post was a guest post by Justin Greig, A self-proclaimed “21st century hippie,” Justin studied Journalism at Berkeley and freelances for many environmental publications. He has a special interest in conservation, and he and his wife recently added solar panels to their home.

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5 thoughts on “Benefits of Adding Security Cameras to Your Home

  1. Great post. If you decide that you want to have a wireless camera installed in your home, you will have the benefit of being able to monitor the inside as well as the outside of your home. This is a great way to prevent intruders from attempting to break into your home. In the event that someone does break in, the footage from your camera can be use to identify the intruder.

  2. CCTV cameras act as a extra layer of protection over your house. CCTV cameras give you a privilege to monitor your home from anywhere as now days camera feed can be seen through your Smartphones, PDA’s etc. It will also be beneficial to have a monitored alarm system with CCTV cameras as if someone try to break in the house the response unit will inform the authorities immediately. With the help of CCTV cameras you will be able to identify the burglars.

  3. Great Share!!
    Such type of technical information is genuinely required these days and above all to be shared with everyone around us to make them aware that by making small efforts, they can stop unexpected and bigger mishaps and accidents.
    Digital security systems are easily available these days. We just have to choose the right one according to our need and requirement.
    Thank you for sharing this informative post with us.

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