What Is A Better Self Defense Move Than A Punch?

Hey there! Matt Numrich here again.

When defending yourself, you want to use the best technique, which will give you the most “bang for your buck”.  There is no doubt that a punch, using your fist is the most common since the beginning of time, but if you step in just a bit closer, you can unleash a much more powerful tool:  The Elbow Strike. Click To Tweet

We’ve all seen them in the movies, and even in competition.  However, if we’re in reality, not the movies, and if your opponent is not prepared for it as they will be in competition, the elbow strike is a great tool.  I’ll give a video link below which will cover the details a bit more, but for now, let’s go over some of the ways you can learn it correctly and quickly, as Krav Maga teaches it.

The elbow strike has lots of variations you can choose and you can use them in different situations and positions as well. In this move, you have to make sure that you have a physical contact with the tip of your elbow regardless if you have to use it in a frontal, side or rear assault.

How To Execute The An Elbow Strike Krav Maga Style

Here are the tips for Elbow strike:

  1. COVER. Bring both arms up to protect your face, as you’ll be moving in closer to your opponent, and also want to load up for the strike.
  2. BURST. Use all your body’s momentum to increase the power and throw as much power behind this move as possible.  If this move is done to the rear, exchange this step for sighting on up, or seeing what you are hitting.
  3. ELBOW. Round your elbow as you deliver that elbow strike, activating your shoulder to strike at a downward angle as much as your flexibility allows.

Again, don’t forget to always cover with your other arm. When you decide to use your right hand for the strike, your left hand will automatically be your cover. It is important to cover yourself since you are in a close quarter situation, and you are in a very vulnerable position.

I have found that because Krav Maga uses this “burst” it is harder to defend against, while also increasing its “kick”.  The elbow is much stronger than a punch, and a fist is not as structurally sound as the elbow.  Punches have their own place in self-defense, but making sure you integrate elbow strikes gives you more options, and presents a better move for close quarter fighting.  To get more detailed instruction, in addition to three other Krav Maga self-defense moves, go to this link:  http://bit.ly/ElbowStrike3.

Let Us Know Your Most Devastating Move In The Comments Below! 


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