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Build The Perfect Bug Out Bag

You will be able to after you read Creek Stewart’s new book called “Build The Perfect Bug Out Bag“.  I am currently reading Creek’s new book and will have a full review on it in a post on 21 May 2012.  But until then I have come up with two ways for you to enter in two different giveaways for a chance to win a signed copy of “Build The Perfect Bug Out Bag”, a $16.99 retail value for free! But that is not all! Read on…

There are 2 ways you can enter to win Creek Stewart’s new book “Build The Perfect Bug Out Bag”?

The giveaways will take place on both Facebook and YouTube.

The first way to enter the giveaway via Facebook.Com is as follows:

1. Like my Facebook page at


2. Put a comment on that page asking me to enter you into the giveaway.  That’s is it for one chance to win the book!

3.  For an additional second chance to enter the same drawing on Facebook, just post a picture of something related to survival, bushcraft, or prepping with your comment!

Doing all 3 of the above things will give you 2 chances to win Creek’s new book “Build The Perfect Bug Out Bag” on Facebook.Com.


The second way to enter is on as follows:

1. Subscribe to my YouTube channel at or click on the button in the upper right hand corner of the page.


2. Put a comment on my channel asking me to enter you into the giveaway.


3.  Make a Video Response to any one of my videos on YouTube.  Your video response can be on any topic related to survival, bushcraft or prepping.  It can be a tip or trick, an instructional video or how to video, something comical, or just you saying “please enter me into the giveaway for the Build The Perfect Bug Out Bag book…blah blah blah”  Although that would be kind of lame 🙂  But just make sure to include the words “RealitySurvival’s Giveaway” in the title or add a caption at the beginning of the video saying that the video is in response to “RealitySurvival’s Giveaway” if you are using a video that you have already previously uploaded on your channel.

Doing all 3 of the above things will give you a chance to win Creek Stewart’s new book “Build The Perfect Bug Out Bag“. But that’s not all!  Since making the video response is a little more involved than just posting a comment and a picture, I will also give the winner of the YouTube giveaway 3 Jolly Tanks for the extra effort!

How will I determine the winner?

On May 20th 2012, I will go through and write down all of the names/Channel names who have asked to be entered for each Giveaway on Facebook & YouTube and put all of the names into two hats and randomly draw a winner from both hats. The Facebook giveaway will be separate from the YouTube giveaway, so for up to 3 chances to win enter in both!  You would have the potential to win 2 books and 3 Jolly Tanks for a total combined retail value of $57.98!

Then on 21 May 2012, I will announce the winners of both Giveaway’s here on my site as well as on Facebook and YouTube.  I will then private message both of the winners to get their mailing addresses and mail them their prizes.

Not interested in the giveaway?  But want to buy “Build The Perfect Bug Out Bag” or a few Jolly Tanks now.  Just see the links below!

If you do not want to wait until 21 May 2012 to see if you win the giveaway you can also go direct to Creek Stewart’s website and order a signed copy for yourself now.  Just go to


Good Luck in the giveaway! Thanks for reading.  To be sure to catch all of my future posts, please subscribe via email at the upper right hand portion of the page.  Cheers JJ

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