Cardinal Direction – With No Watch or Compass


 No Watch? That’s okay!

Here is a quick demo to show you how to determine cardinal direction without a compass or watch.  All you need is to be able to see the sun and know the time (for instance from a cell phone).  Like the watch method this isn’t the most accurate method for navigation, but it can help you find basic cardinal direction which can be used to help you navigate towards rescue, instead of away from it!  It’s a pretty simple trick, and works as long as you have sun and know what time it is. This technique may come in handy if you were trying to find direction in the middle part of the day when it wasn’t readily apparent where the sun had risen or where it was going to set!

Click below to see how to find direction if you know the time (even without a watch).

please install flash

What method do you use to find North?

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