Clearly Filtered Canteen Review


The Complete Clearly Filtered Canteen Field Review

Clearly Filtered Canteen

The Clearly Filtered Canteen is a sweet little product that is available for purchase at www.ClearlyFiltered.Com.  The Clearly Filtered Canteen is a very cool and innovative product and it will work well for many readers especially those who already have a bunch of older military surplus gear.  This canteen will fit inside of the standard 1 quart GI Canteen cup and canteen holder.  So it is a quick and easy drop in replacement for the standard issue GI Canteen.  However, the obvious huge benefit is that you no longer need to remember water purification tablets or bleach!  Why? Because the Clearly Filtered Canteen has an EPA approved water filter built right into it.  You can take water from pretty much any outdoor fresh ground water source and put it directly into the canteen without doing a thing to it.  Then just squeeze the water out into your mouth or container and it is filtered and safe to drink!  Check out the video below for the full specifications and to see how well the Clearly Filtered Canteen works!

Clearly Filtered Canteen & GI Canteen Cup

Clearly Filtered Canteen Field Review Video

What Water Filtration System Do You Have In Your Survival Equipment?

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