CZ-USA Model 912 Review


CZ Model 912 Semi-Automatic Shotgun


CZ-USA Model 912 Semi-Automatic Shotgun

CZ-USA shotguns are very possibly one of the best valued shotguns on the market today.  For the quality and price I don’t think they can be beaten.  CZ-USA is one of the only gun companies who manufacture a full line of weapons rifles, pistols, shotguns for hunting, competitive shooting, self protection and more.  Recently I had the chance to go shoot with a good friend of mine who is a pro shooter for CZ-USA and who works with them full time.  We had a great time at the sporting clays range and he was kind enough to make the video below where he shoot some sporting clays and he briefly talks about the CZ-USA Model 912.


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CZ-USA Model 912 Specifications

Price $528.00 USD
Ammunition 12
Magazine Capacity 4+1
Chambered for shells up to 3.000 in
Weight 7.300 lbs
Overall Length 49.000 in
Barrel Length 28.000 in
Length of Pull 14.250 in
Rib 8mm Vent
Comb 1.250 in
Heel 2.250 in
Chokes F.IM,M,IC,C
Frame Aluminum
Barrel Chrome Lined
Barrel Finish Black Chrome
Receiver Finish Polished Anodized
Stock Turkish Walnut
Trigger Type Single
Safety Cross bolt Safety

Pictures of my CZ-USA Model 912 Semi-Automatic Shotgun

Strengths and Weaknesses of the CZ-USA Model 912

The CZ-USA Model 912 is a great all around shotgun.  It can be modified and used as an effective home defense weapon.  Or it can be used as originally intended as a field hunting gun or a competitive skeet or sporting clays gun.  It shoot both 2 3/4″ and 3″ shells so it has a lot of ammunition versatility and it is light enough and quick enough that younger shooters and females can easily use it in a wide range of applications as well.  I have shot a CZ-USA Model 912 on two occasions. Once in bad rainy weather on the sporting clays course and the second time on a clear and sunny day on another sporting clays course. On both occasions the weapon shot very well and I didn’t have any malfunctions.

The one complaint I have with the CZ-USA Model 912 is that it doesn’t run very well with extremely light loads.  It performs best with 1 ounce loads that are pushing 1290 feet per second or more or 1 1/8 ounce loads that are pushing 1235 feet per second or more.  It also isn’t extremely fond of Winchester low grade cheap shells either.  However, it performs very well with Federal and Remington’s cheap field loads.  Most hunting loads and heavy skeet, trap and sporting clays load run fine through it.

Overall, for the price and the performance I have seen with this gun I am very pleased with it and I think it is a great value that will give any user years and years of great shotgunning experience.  Any time I review a product or a gun I like to assign a rating to it and personally I would assign this weapon an 7.5 out of 10.  Visit http://www.CZ-USA.Com for a complete look at the CZ-USA Model 912.

What do you like or dislike about the CZ-USA Model 912?



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