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Deep Conceal Shoulder Holsters

Deep Conceal – “Ultra Carry” Model

Good comfortable shoulder holsters are hard to come by!  One of the difficulties with being a committed armed citizen is finding a variety of holsters for each weapon that will work with a variety of clothing.  Deep Conceal has come up with a great solution for Every Day Concealed Weapons Carry!  The problem I have always had with shoulder holsters in the past is that even with a mid size to small size handgun the shoulder straps eventually start weighing heavily on my shoulders and I eventually get a head/neck ache.  Deep Conceal has done a great job of alleviating that pain that used to be associated with shoulder holsters.

Deep Conceal – Design and Fit

The big change I see is in the way the Deep Conceal shoulder holsters are made and how they fit to your body.  Many other shoulder holsters simply hang by the two shoulder straps and may have a belt attachment to keep them from swinging around, but essentially ALL of the weight is hanging from the two shoulder straps.  Deep Conceal uses a chest harness in conjunction with the two shoulder straps.  The chest strap does an excellent job of holding up an noticeable amount of weight and it does a great job of keeping the firearm close and tight to your body.  I tested the Deep Conceal – Ultra Carry Model on numerous occasions over a two month period, wearing it from a couple hours to all day long and I never once got a head ache or neck ache.  The chest harness also has a couple inches of heavy duty elastic built into the adjustment straps which allow for heavy breathing and movement without the harness over tightening or binding in any way.  Another design change from typical shoulder holsters is that the holster is a muzzle down design.  The muzzle down design isn’t a new design in and of itself, but you don’t see too many if any manufactures using this design for medium sized weapons.  Typically they are used in longer barrel type handgun holsters or some older military style holsters.  I think the muzzle down design does a lot for keeping the weapon in place (especially during heavy physical activity) and reducing the external signature / imprint.  One day I wore the Deep Conceal Holster all day while working in my yard and never had any issues with the firearm swinging or moving around, falling out or anything like that and my wife didn’t notice I was wearing it all day.  It stayed in place and was pretty comfortable all day long.

Ultra Carry Model

Which guns fit the Deep Conceal Ultra Carry?

The Deep Conceal “Ultra Carry” Model is made for most medium frame handguns with an overall length of 4″ to 7″.  Deep Conceal has a list of all of the firearms they have tested and which model they fit into on their website.  While this isn’t a “universal” shoulder holster, it is pretty close.  You can fit a lot of medium sized hand guns in the Ultra Carry model.  Essentially this is due to the simple design, which is a design principle I have trusted for many years – Keep It Simple – Stupid!  (KISS).

Deep Conceal – Material and Quality

One of the first things I noticed when I opened up the Deep Conceal Ultra Carry Model Holster was that the majority of the chest harness was made of a very soft denim like cotton material.  I found this unusual since most shoulder holsters are either made of leather or heavy duty tactical nylon.  So at first, I was concerned if the holster would be able to withstand years of use and abuse.  However, the conclusion that I have come to is that they will very likely last for several years if they are taken care of properly.  The reason I think that is that even though the materials are very light weight and comfortable to the touch, they are still over engineered and capable of easily carrying the weight of a firearm without any trouble.  Also the stitching is done in a tough zig zag pattern and has extra stitching in all of the high wear points.

Deep Conceal Shoulder Holster – Comfort And Wearability

The benefit of the light weight and comfortable materials that Deep Conceal uses in their shoulder holster is that you can even wear this holster right next to your skin without and under shirt!  I have never seen another shoulder holster that can make that claim.  So I had to know how comfortable it actually would feel right next to my skin and I wore it for an entire day under one of my normal T Shirts.  So how was it?   Well surprisingly not bad at all.  On that day I wore it for about 6 hours straight while out running errands, shopping, getting in and out of my car, etc and it was very comfortable overall.  The only thing I noticed was that my “love handle” was a bit chaffed where the muzzle end of the holster touched my skin.  However, bear in mind that wouldn’t be an issue if you don’t have love handles!  Actually I think it probably had more to do with the fact that the holster was brand new out of the box and had not been through the wash at that point.  After it had been washed the material was much softer and I didn’t notice the chaffing issue again.  Also if you wear an under shirt with the Deep Conceal Holster it is extremely comfortable, so much so that there are times when you can even forget your wearing it at all.  What if you gain or loose a few pounds?  No worries the Deep Conceal Ultra Carry Holster is fully adjustable!

Deep Conceal – Magazine Pouch

The Deep Conceal Ultra Carry Model comes equipped with two extra magazine pouches which fit comfortably opposite of the handgun.  For me the magazine pouches were located just slightly more to the rear than I would have liked, but not much at all, maybe 3/4 of an inch.  However, I could still easily draw the front magazine and could draw the back magazine with a slight concentrated effort.  Most of this was probably just due to my inflexibility.

Deep Conceal – External Signature or Imprint

Concealed carry means just that, being able to carry the gun without advertising that you are armed.  Deep Conceal holsters do a good job of keeping the gun tight to your body and tucked up under the arm and out of site.  Take a look at the pictures below to see what it looks like while I was wearing the Deep Conceal Ultra Carry model under normal every day clothes.  These shirts are shirts that I normally wear, not oversized shirts to accommodate the holster and weapon.  In the pictures below I am wearing my Springfield Armory XD-9 Subcompact and the magazine has a Pierce grip extender (Sold on Cheaper Than Dirt – Here) on the 13 round magazine.  Note: The Pierce Grip Extender increases the signature of this weapon by about a half an inch or more that the standard magazine.

Deep Conceal Imprint – Polo Shirt
Deep Conceal Imprint – T Shirt

Deep Conceal Ultra Carry – Usability

Anytime I am looking at gear, reviewing it and testing it whether it be for this blog or for choosing my own field gear, prepping/survival gear etc.,  the question I always ask myself is “What is the intended use?”  One product usually can’t do all things really well.  But if you specify the intended use for that product, you can usually find the right product for the job.  So for me, I see the Deep Conceal Ultra Carry Model Shoulder Holster as an Every Day Carry type holster.  With the intended use of making my handgun as comfortable to wear as possible and still keeping the handgun accessible for use in an emergency situation.

Are Deep Conceal Holster’s Tactically Sound?

As you can probably tell by the pictures this holster isn’t going to be winning any speed draw competitions and it shouldn’t.  It isn’t designed to be a super fast, high speed low drag tacti-cool holster.  It is designed to be practical, lightweight, comfortable and wearable.  Remember, if it isn’t comfortable no mater how cool it is you won’t wear it long!  Deep Conceal Holsters are as comfortable as you can get!  I believe that whole point of having a conceal carry weapon isn’t to see how fast you can draw and shoot.  It is to be able to blend in and keep a low profile.   So that you can observe a situation, determine if lethal force is necessary and then to employ the firearm to stop the life threatening actions.  The Deep Conceal Ultra Carry Holster fits very well into this type of intended use.  The word Tactical has several definitions but the three below best describe Tactical in my opinion.

Tactical Defined:

1. Of or pertaining to a maneuver or plan of action designed as an expedient toward gaining a desired end or temporary advantage.
2. Expedient; calculated.
3. Prudent; politic.
Based on the definitions of Tactical above I would say Yes, Deep Conceal Holsters are “tactically” sound.  For a look at some basic self defense pistol tactics watch the following Playlist on my YouTube Channel:   and don’t forget to subscribe!

Deep Conceal Holster Overall Rating

Anytime I review a piece of gear I always assign it a rating from 1 to 10, with 10 being the best and 1 being the worst.  For me the Deep Conceal Ultra Carry Holster gets 9 out of 10 stars.  I think it is an excellent holster and will serve very well as a comfortable and functional Every Day Carry holster for small and medium sized firearms.

So how much do they cost and where can you buy a Deep Conceal Holster?

Deep Conceal has a variety of holsters and various products all of which can be purchased through their website at The holster provided to me by Deep Conceal was the Ultra Carry Model which retails for under $50.00, with free shipping!  If you have ever priced out other leading shoulder holsters you know that getting a great holster for under $50.00 is a really good deal.  If you are looking for a comfortable, lightweight and practical holster for Every Day Carry, and you prefer to buy American made products, then I highly recommend you give Deep Conceal your full consideration.

So what are your thoughts on the Deep Conceal Ultra Carry Model Holster?

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  1. I have springfield XD 9mm and a Springfield XDS 45mm can I carry eather the 9mm or the 45mm ??

  2. Im not sure. I think you could since they fit multiple models. You should probably check with Deep Conceal to be sure. It is a good light to medium duty holster. Certainly not a heavy duty rig though.

  3. Does the deep conceal holster disengage the grip safety on the XD? Looks like it may if the strap is too tight when holding the gun in. I assume probably not much of a problem of the gun rising up unless bending over.

  4. No, I didn’t notice that it did, but to be honest I didn’t check to see. The XD still has the trigger safety, so even if it did I don’t think it would be a huge deal. Thanks for reading! Sorry it took a while to respond. Cheers JJ

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