Dueling Guns Summit


The Dueling Guns Summit


In today’s world there are two very distinct cultures when it come to guns, Those that are in favor and those that are not. Each culture is rooted in a strong historical past that gives defense and ratification in the beliefs of each opposing side. Those that are in favor of their right to bear arms focus on the ability to defend their family, homes, and country against opposing forces and tyranny. Those that are against that right, typically are influenced from the past misuse and/or tied to a fatality or perhaps they have suffered oppression by those that have used guns in an abusive manner.

Is there a cure to resolve the conflict between these two very distinct cultures?

How do we find peace in opposition? Does it come down to one is right and the other is wrong?

Education throughout history is an amazing factor in changing thought. We could potentially pass judgement, condemn action or dismiss ideas when we lack information. Couple that with emotion and the amount of varied opinions will rise!

How can we educate ourselves and those around us in order to find common ground?

Our Educational base begins as children and our surrounding influence. We rely on that foundation that we are given and build our walls to create our comfortable, safe place. That place is full of I knows, I thinks, and I Believes.

“I knows” are structured walls, “I thinks” are the spaces in between rooms that lead to “ I Believes, and “I Believes” are the open doors to rooms that are being built.

It is important that as we grow we lay a new foundation and turn our “ I Believes” into “I Knows.”

That is why continual Education is so vitally important!

Pro Freedom and Liberty

We all believe the choice is as easy and simple to see as it is to distinguish black from white, but just as black and white still relates to color, so does the topic of Pro or Anti guns still relate to Freedom and Liberty.  The responsibility that comes along with acting on our 2nd amendment right to bear arms is vast and continuous. The more education we receive the more responsible guns owners we become. Training never ceases, preparation never tires, and the extent of or educational reach is limitless.

I was recently invited as a speaker in the Dueling Guns Summit, an eight day event covering a range of topics. Everything from Gun History, Law, Family, Health, and Defense. This event is an amazing opportunity for the public to increase their knowledge about Guns through the comfort of their home.

This event is FREE Access for a limited time to information from Top Professionals around the country. No matter where you stand on Guns or the 2nd amendment this event is for you. Take advantage of the information provided to enhance the knowledge you already have. Right now they are giving away FREE Tickets!

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