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EDC Body Armor – The Ghost by Safeguard


Right now the United States has been enjoying historically low crime rates, in fact gun violence has dropped significantly over the past 20 years or more.  So you may ask yourself, why would I need to have a bullet proof vest to wear as a part of my Every Day Carry (EDC) Gear?  Well the answer to this question is simple.  It is all about preparation!  If you are a person who believes that the United States economy is teetering on the edge of collapse, then you should be looking forward to what the future may hold.  If our economy does tip too far over the edge and begins to plummet like many of us think that it will, then unfortunately we are bound to see higher and higher crime rates.  Currently a very sizable portion of our citizenry is living at least partially off of entitlements from the government.  What happens when the government has to stop paying those entitlements?  For that answer just look at what happened recently when there was a glitch in the Electronic Benefits Transfer (EBT or Food Stamps) system.  It was from one extreme to the other.  Where the system wouldn’t pay out there was panic immediately.  Where it was giving out too much money, there was a run on food in the local grocery stores and the shelves were emptied in a matter of hours! Now there is talk of not paying out any Food Stamp benefits for the month of November and possibly longer!  Can you imagine what sort of civil unrest this could cause?

So if higher crime rates become a reality, those lucky enough to still have a job will still need to go back and forth to work and to the market, etc.  But unfortunately, getting to and from those places will likely become the most dangerous part of your day.  All those not so lucky people who have lost their jobs will now be looking for handouts or will be looking to take what you have by force.  Riots and street gangs will become common place.  If you are living in an urban or even suburban area you will need to be able operate within this environment and you must be able to defend yourself.  This scenario is not something that is made up and make believe.  It is based on real life examples such as the economic collapse of Argentina and what people in developing nations around the world face every day.  As such investing in a good multi-threat ballistic vest could be the one piece of gear that could save your life more than anything else.  Visit www.safeguardarmor.com/bullet-proof-vests/ for a look at these awesome vests.

Safeguard Ballistic Vests

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Safeguard Body Armor isn’t just a bullet proof vest.  It is a Multiple Threat Ballistic
that is capable of protecting you from all handgun calibers (in level IIIa) but can also keep you safe from stabbing and cutting threats from knives and other edged weapons as well!  This is a massive benefit especially in the type of scenario that I describe above.  Not everyone will have a handgun, but nearly everyone can surely get a hold of a knife!  If you are properly outfitted with a Safeguard Ballistic Vest and your EDC weapon, you will be able to deal with this threat confidently, quickly and efficiently, all while maintaining the “Gray Man” appearance dressed in your normal attire.

The Safeguard Ghost Ballistic Vest is meant to be an improvement to the Safeguard Stealth Ballistic Vest.  Internally, they are identical.  However, externally Safeguard has attempted to increase the vest’s wearability and concealability as much a possible.  Take a look at the video below to see my review of the new Ghost Multiple Threat Ballistic Vest by Safeguard.


Can You See The Need To Add A Ballistic Vest To Your EDC Gear For Time Of An Increased Threat? Let Us Know In The Comments Below!

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