Fat Guys In The Woods!


Fat Guys In The Woods!

Fat Guys In The Woods

Wait a minute that guy isn’t fat!  No he isn’t. That is Creek Stewart the host of a really cool new Reality Survival TV show called Fat Guys In The Woods that will be premiering on the Weather Channel on Sunday Aug 10 2014. Go set your DVR now before you finish reading this post.  No seriously, I will wait…

What is Fat Guys In The Woods All About?

One of the unique things about this show that is different from all of the other Survival shows on TV that I am aware of, is that this show is putting the everyday average Joe (who could afford also to loose a few pounds and get their life turned around) in the survival situation for a week.  The regular guys will be the ones building the shelters, fire, trapping and hunting for food, searching for water and edible plants! It is a show that is very positive and encouraging and shows how being in the wilderness can change lives and bring out the best in people, even in dire situations!

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How many episodes of Fat Guys In The Woods Will There Be?

There will be 8 episodes and in each episode you will see new shelters, different fire starting techniques and different wild edibles and ways to catch game.  There will be three new guys in each show and in every episode you will be right there with them as they go through the Real World struggles that anyone would have when trying to survive with essentially nothing but a Knife, A Canteen and the clothes on their back!

What Gear Will The Fat Guys In The Woods Be Able To Take With Them?

No food, no water, no fully stocked backpacks with mega charged survival kits.  These guys are getting the bare essentials and having to stay out in the Smokey mountains in the winter time!  Remember the Polar Vortex we had last winter?  Yep, they were filming this show during that mess!

When Does Fat Guys In The Woods Air On TV?

Fat Guys In The Woods will premiere on the Weather Channel on Sunday Aug 10, 2014.   I think this is going to be a great show and I will be speaking with Creek Stewart live on my Youtube channel in a google hangout tomorrow night July 29th at 830 PM Eastern Standard Time.  So cruise on over to this link at 830 PM tomorrow night and join us via chat. Just submit any questions you have about the show by slapping them in the comments on the video and I will ask your questions to Creek directly! http://www.youtube.com/user/realitysurvival.

Watch The Interview Of Creek Stewart The Host Of The New Reality Survival TV show Fat Guys in The Woods By Clicking Below!


What Area Of The USA Would You Like To See Season 2 Be Filmed In? Let us know in the comments below!

Note: The Weather Channel and associated production companies are in charge of recruiting for this show.  Please don’t ask me about how to get on the show.  Thanks!



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25 thoughts on “Fat Guys In The Woods!

  1. Love this show, I have learned a lot, would like to know if you would do one for women, I would be the first to sign up. ‘m sure there are lots of women would want to do this.heavy or skinny.

  2. Hi would you ever consider having a female on the show ? I would like to be on with my husband and brother….we are all over weight and line in western north Carolina..please let me know… very interested. Ty. Betty.

  3. I notice that in almost every case the participants, even the instructor Creek, walk away, not to return to their campsite, and leave a smoking fire pit with red glowing embers present. Don’t they know how to put out a campfire so it is truly dead with no possibility of sparking a forest fire after they leave??? Seams quite ignorant for them to walk away from what is obviously still a live campfire. You need to change that aspect of the show!

  4. I agree with Don. I think any of the north west states would be a real challenge in the winter time. Or maybe even Alaska.

  5. I would love tocome on the show with mnd my little brother adam hoe can we get on the show please

  6. This is one of my favorite shows. I am an eagle scout and seeing Creek encourage these whooped guys into a different lifestyle is great.

  7. I’d like to see the show filmed in the high unitahs in Utah. The granddaddy basin to be exact. An amazing area with many small lakes and lots of vegetation.

  8. Hey. Creek I would love to have a Chance to be out in the woods. And work as a team with to other people I don’t know. I hope I will here from you soon and get to tell you more about my self. Thanks.

  9. 6/21/15
    I just watched my first show. Wow, I didn’t realize what I was missing- great show! I have seen Creek in a few magazine articles and thought he was interesting, however watching three shows back to back to back I think he is much more colorful and positive watching Fat Guys in the woods. Watching him interact and lead average everyday Joes-many of which he is younger than, is refreshing and informative. I am former Army infantry and have spent many nights sleeping on the ground in all kinds of weather, however that was twenty years ago with better gear and a supply chain. Watching these guys dealing with real world survival is enlightening as well as entertaining. I learn new stuff each show. Keep up the good work!

  10. I would love to have one For guys in 60 done in the blue ridge Mountains. I would like to be one of the guys to go.

  11. How about fat girls in the woods. I would love to give it a try. Something to think about.

    Thanks, Sheila

  12. I would like to see fat ladies in the woods – don’t think there would be a lot of whining going on – I would volunteer!

  13. For the ladies saying they want Fat Girls in the Woods, I agree!! I did some survival camping years ago, but not quite like I see on the show. It would be great to learn some new skills.

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