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How To Get Get Yourself Found — If You Are Lost In The Woods

Many times a year people go out into the woods and find themselves turned around and lost in the woods.  If you spend enough time in the woods (especially off trails) then you will probably also find yourself lost at some point or another as well.  I was a wilderness survival instructor for four years and have spent thousands of hours in the wilderness and I have been lost in the woods as well.  So have many other people who are highly prepared and highly proficient at map reading and orienteering.  So now that we know it can and does happen to anyone regardless of your skill level, we should look at what to do if and when you find yourself lost in the woods.  The first thing you need to know is how to NOT make the situation worse.  The second thing is to know what you need to do and how to prioritize the steps you need to take to get yourself found again so that you are no longer lost in the woods!  Please download my FREE Mini-E Book that covers all of the most critical steps you need to accomplish by clicking the Icon below!


This Quick Read Explains How To Prioritize The Most Critical Steps You Should Take When Lost In The Woods.

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Have you ever been lost in the woods before?  If so please share with us in the comments below how you got found!

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7 thoughts on “Free Survival E-Book

  1. JJ
    heard you on
    The commentator was wordy, but you were thankfully able to make your points.
    I am 70 years old and I have recently started working on my prep’s.
    It’s kind of overwhelming there are so many aspects to being prepared and most people don’t have the time or money to access all the different options.
    I like the focus that you have you keep it basic and simple. Keep up the good work!!

  2. I have owned seven acres of woods for seventeen years. By using a squiggly figure 8, I have a half-mile footpath that I use almost daily for dog walks and jogging. You would think I could not get lost there—well, I don’t; but even as well as I know the land, it is still possible for me to get disoriented. I am amazed how easily that can happen. Just last week the dog took off after a chipmunk, dragging her leash. By the time I caught up and disentangled her, I was looking at the back side of a log I see everyday. But the unfamiliar angle made it unrecognizable, and I confused it with another downed trunk. The day was overcast, and for half a minute that seemed much longer, I could not have said which way was which. I followed the dog back to the trail. That worked!
    I am looking forward to reading the eBook.

  3. Yep, I have been turned around in low light situations in woods that I hunted in and knew forward and backward a couple of times. It is easier than people think!

  4. We have 260 acres of woodlands. I was out looking for a survey marker on a dull overcast day. With my head down, I got turned around. I used my cell phone to call my wife, and had her go out and honk a car horn. That was all I needed.

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