Grand Trunk Double Hammock Review


A Great Multi-Use Piece Of Survival Gear, The Grand Trunk Double Hammock!

dh-01_main_1Hammocks are a fun and useful item to add to your camping and survival gear.  The kids love them and they offer a very comfortable place to relax when you need to take a load off.  Today I will be examining a great piece of multi-use survival gear, the Grand Trunk Double Hammock.  Aside from the obvious fact that hammocks make life much more comfortable in the woods, they can also serve various roles in your camping gear and survival gear.  I like many things about this hammock, but I especially appreciate that Grand Trunk has had the foresight to build this model so that it can be used in so many different roles without any modifications to the design.  Many other hammocks have the ends sewn, nets attached or something that keep the material from being laid out flat, which means that it can only really be used as a hammock without modifying it in some way.

The Grand Trunk Double Hammock is essentially a lightweight rectangle piece of parachute grade nylon that measures approximately 10.5 x 6.5 feet.  This means that the hammock can be used for such things as a shelter, an emergency litter/travois, a ground to air signal, a large flag for waving down rescue, a food cache, etc.  It could also be used as material in a splint in the case of a broken leg or as a sling and swathe for a broken arm.  This $65.00 piece of material could possibly be one of the most useful and potentially life saving pieces of equipment in your pack! You can find these hammocks at: www.GrandTrunkGoods.Com.  Take a look at the video review below to see the Grand Trunk Double Hammock set up as a lean to shelter and in the originally intended configuration as a sturdy and comfortable hammock to relax in!

Video Review Of The Grand Trunk Double Hammock

Pros & Cons Of Using A Hammock In The Wilderness

Hammocks have become very popular in recent years but as I mentioned in the video hammocks are not necessarily for everyone.  Those with certain types of back pain may find it difficult to stay in a hammock for much more than a nap.  Conversely some people with differing types of back pain may find them very comfortable and a great alternative to sleeping on the hard ground.  The only real way to know for sure how you will like it is to give one a shot.

Many people also believe that hammocks are a god 3 season option but they don’t prefer them in winter.  However, there are those who like them year around as well.  Personally, I like hammocks for fair weather camping and non-emergency situations.  I believe that the best option for shelter in the wilderness in an emergency situation where a person could be facing hypothermia is to have and use a tent.  However, as a lightweight back up to a tent or if you have no other options a The Grand Trunk Double Hammock could also be used as an emergency shelter.

Some people don’t like hammocks because they can rub some of the bark off of the trees that they are attached to.  Personally this doesn’t bother me much because trees for the most part are pretty tough.  But Grand Trunk and many other manufactures do offer strap systems that can reduce the wear and tear on the trees.

Overall Impressions Of The Grand Trunk Double Hammock

All in all for the money I think this is an excellent piece of gear and quite honestly I cannot think of how it could be improved.  One possibility might be to make it out of rip-stop nylon.  This is a pretty minor gripe and it would probably increase the cost significantly and only add a minor degree of added strength, so it may not be worth it.   The seems are all triple stitched in all of the right places, the hardware is adequate, though it could be lighter, perhaps made of aluminum instead of Nautical grade stainless steel.  All in all I give this product a 9.5 out of 10 stars and would highly recommend adding it to your survival gear and or camping gear, bug out bag gear, etc.  I tend to think that this could be my new favorite piece of Multi-Use Survival gear.

What is your favorite piece of multi-use survival gear? Let us know in the comments below!



Disclosure of Material Connection: I received the Grand Trunk Doublle Hammock for free from www.GrandTrunkGoods.Com as coordinated by Deep Creek PR an Outdoor Retailer Public Relations Company in consideration for review publication.



2 thoughts on “Grand Trunk Double Hammock Review

  1. I grew up with these things. We had them in the expansion room and outside, in various builds from Brazil. But ours were basic hammocks – linen or weaves, with ropes ends without the fancy wooden bars like some of the newer ones. We slept in them diagonally.

    For outdoors cold usage, they do need a bit of attention. There is NO insulation worth mentioning below. One way to cut this problem down to size is to place a sleeping bag in it, opened along one side. We used to layer heavy blankets in ours, but the end result was like a sleeping bag with one edge unzipped. If you were to place a wind break between the hammock and the bag or woolen blankets, the wind could not draw heat away from below. At this point, the hammock works as a simple flexible support. Consider a thermal e-blanket between hammock and liner, and you’re set.

    The wider the hammock, the more depth you have inside it. Pair good placement (out of the wind, or by a wind break) with good insulation or layering, and your hammock can do very well. Place it beneath a tarp for snow cover, and its possibilities extend further. I used to like climbing into a raised hammock accessed by rope, and then pulling that rope up behind me. Kept the younger ones from screwing with me (except with the pool cleaning pole, when they teamed up to handle the thing….). In the wild, getting into a hammock via methods used to access a deer stand will get you a high and secure sleeping arrangement. Think wolves, bear, and maybe – if lucky – big cats.

    Hammocks are a blessing, and don’t way a whole lot. Properly strapped and tensioned, they can even provide a decent sun screen… like shade cloth. Depends on the weave. Definitely worth shopping for. One neat thing about preppers is that they think outside the crate.

    Thanks for posting this topic. I’m sure it will help some people answer concerns with a tool they hadn’t considered. Good on you!
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  2. God stuff! Yep they aren’t the best for winter time use, but can be used if you add a bit of insulation. A buddy of mine name Grubkat on Youtube did a video where he just trimmed down an old foam sleeping pad. He sad that helped a lot.

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