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What Is A Home Defense Bag?

A Home Defense Bag or an Intruder Defense Bag is a bag that you keep easily accessible and close to your bedside that you have packed with some tactical and emergency gear that would or could be useful to you in a home invasion situation or just when you hear something go bump in the night.  My Home Defense Bag is an Optics Planet OPMOD P.A.C 3.0 (Personal Articles Carrier) bag also formerly called a First Responders Bag.  Which bag you use doesn’t matter as much as that the design needs to meet a few characteristics that will enable you to deal with a home invasion threat in an expedient manner.  Some people might like to use a War belt type setup and some people may prefer a simple old school fanny pack.  Personally I choose this OPMOD P.A.C. 3.0 bag because it meets the following characteristics.  It is easy to put on quickly, even in the dark no matter if you are dressed or not (sorry for the visual).  It is also large enough to carry a few essentials (see those shown in the video below) but yet small enough not to be too obtrusive so as to get in the way or bump in to walls or make a lot of noise as you are walking through your hallways, etc.  I prefer for the bag to come in dark and subdued colors.  Because the majority of the time this bag will just be hanging silently next to my bed, I wanted it to be reasonably priced but still tough enough so that I could use it for other outdoor applications if I decided to in the future.

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OPMOD T.A.C. 3.0 Specifications:


Specs for OPMOD P.A.C. Limited Edition Gear Bag according to Optics Planet:

Overall size: H 12-1/2″ x W 8-1/2″ x D 7-1/4″
Main Compartment: H 11″ x W 8″ x D 4-1/2″
Front Pouch: H 8″ x W 7-1/2″ x D 2 1/2″
Front Bottom pouch: H 2″ x 7-1/2″ X 2-1/2″
Front pocket: H 6″ x W 7″
Back pocket: H 11″ x W 9″
Conceal snap back pocket: H 7-1/4″ x W 8″
Top Pouch: H 5″ x W 6-3/4″ x D 2-1/2″
Carry Strap: L 43″ x W 1-1/2″ w/ 2″ non slip shoulder pad
Empty weight: 1.78 lbs

Features of OPMOD PAC Limited Edition Backpack:

  • Plenty of space – 7 compartments total.
  • Tough PVC Material
  • Rear concealed Carry Pocket for easy access to Conceal Carry Pistol (Holster not included)
  • Velcro Patches to accommodate Hook and Loop accessories
  • 1 Rifle and 2 Pistol Magazine Pouches
  • PALS Webbing on Front, Sides and Bottom to add anything you need to get the job done.
  • Breathable Mesh Backing for comfort
  • Removable and Adjustable Carry Strap with Shoulder Pad
  • Available in Black or OD Green
  • OPMOD Limited Lifetime Warranty

 Contents Of A Home Defense Bag / Intruder Defense Bag

The contents of a Intruder Defense Bag / Home Defense Bag should be personalized to compliment your own strengths and weaknesses.  However, there are some basic items that most any Home Defense Bag should have within it.  Obviously you will need to have a Home Defense weapon close at hand, depending on whether or not you have children in the home you may need to have this locked up in a safe.  You will need spare ammunition for the weapon.  I strong and reliable flashlight (even if you have a weapon light), some type of restraints either handcuffs or Law Enforcement / Military grade plastic restraints.  A tactical folding knife and a set of restraints cutters.  A spare flashlight and a notebook and pen or pencil.  I also keep an old video camera with freshly charged batteries as well. Last but not least I also recommend keeping a Blow Out Kit / Gun Shot Wound / Trauma Kit in it as well.  Even though you never plan for you or your loved ones to get hurt, in a volatile home invasion situation anything is possible so we need to be prepared.  Take a look at the video below to see the full contents of my Intruder Defense Bag by clicking the video below!

Intruder Defense Bag / Home Defense Bag Review

Click here to watch on Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Nm8h_WYnDs4


What additional items would you put in your own Home Defense Bag? Let us know in the comments below!


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8 thoughts on “Home Defense Bag

  1. It’s a wise idea to be prepared for any situation. With the rise in crime rates in the city people should be looking to use security systems that monitor & alert home owners in case of a break-in. But in cases when a burglar comes prepared & finds a way to neutralize the alarm before it sends a message to security, this bag can be helpful for the victims. Read more on Alarm Systems:

  2. In a home invasion every second counts! The list of supplies here is a great start.

    Here’s a TIP: For your cellphone in your bag.

    Get the emergency number for your local police department (the direct dial number) and program that into your bag phone.

    Make it a favorite, or assign some quick one-touch way to dial it. Practice using it until it’s automatic.

    This is much better than dialing 9-1-1. When you call 911 you have to explain yourself twice – first to the state police, wait to be connected to local police, then re-explain it to them.

    Dialing directly saves you these 10+ seconds, which could mean the difference between an intruder stopped in the hall vs inside your bedroom.

    I’ve put together some more useful tips, along with two videos, at:


    Come by, leave a comment, and say hello! 🙂
    Survival Prepper Joe recently posted..Intruder Defense Bag – Home Defense “Tool Kit”My Profile

  3. Hey JJ. I like the idea of ready action gear, but I’m having a hard time with the bag concept. First, I’ll say that what I’m seeing in my mind, for scenarios I think about, is two yahoos busting into my place with intent to do harm, and loot. Doesn’t even matter the setting, either WORL or just plain tonight. Two guys. Bad intent. Somewhat experienced.

    I’m not sure I’d want my stuff in a bag that I have to wear and then access, or carry and use two hands to open. I’m pretty narrow in my thinking on this one. My preference is a belt, with holstered weapon and spare mags (2), with a flashlight, knife and IFAK. I’ve even thought about cuffs. My thinking is that I want single-handed access to the most important equipment I can think of needing to face a couple jackholes trying to force their will upon my household. I want a single handed route to my handgun, my light and if the thing turns hand-to-hand, my Ka-Bar. A belt goes on in seconds and keeps everything where I need it, and even gives me a quick way to secure those things when I need to stand down, and keep them ready to deploy instantly again.

    Not trying to bust your thought, JJ. Just sharing how I look at it. I would even make some changes to my setup if the social situation deteriorated a bit. I’m a fan of the old-school M-56 web rig. Takes about 7 second to get into it, if it’s stored in a position that is set for quick donning. Faster than some newer vests unless they are fastek-based. And, I’d have my 870 ready to grab.

    A good belt could even have your cell phone in a small pouch, though mine site on my night stand and serves as my alarm clock. I suppose I could mount another pouch to drop my phone into – that actually a good idea. I’ll have to borrow that from you. 🙂
    LP recently posted..Some Civil Defense Films for YouMy Profile

  4. A belt would be great too! I think the point is to have something ready and hanging next to your bed. So that you don’t have to go searching for your gear.

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