How To Build A Fire With Wet Wood

Building A Fire With Wet Kindling

How To Build A Fire With Wet Wood

This post is to demonstrate how to build a fire with completely soaking wet kindling using only 1 cotton ball and Vaseline as a tinder.  If you saw my recent post Fire Building 101, the information in this video could appear to be very similar.  That’s because the foundations and principles used in fire building don’t need to change much at all.  The National Weather Service stated that on 3 Sept 2011 (the day I shot this video) that Omaha, NE had had 1.3 inches of rain in the previous 24 hours.  It was also raining all morning before I shot the video, but to make it more challenging and to show you that the principles I lay out in Fire building 101work in any condition, I went ahead and dumped a bottle of water on all of the kindling just before laying it over the tinder.  As you will see in the video below, starting a fire with soaking wet kindling takes time, preparation, and a lot of patience.  A fire with wet wood is not going to burn as energetically as one with dry wood, but you can get a good sustainable fire going if you use the techniques laid out in this video.

Take a look at the video below to see how to build a fire with wet wood

Do you have any tips for starting a fire with wet wood?  If so please leave a comment in the section below!

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6 thoughts on “How To Build A Fire With Wet Wood

  1. I am planning on doing another video similar to this showing how to build fires in wintery and snowy conditions. I would be curious how you guys would do this different. Its tempting to want to mess with the sticks and starting blowing on it, but seems to me this usually ends up in a smoldering pile of smoky wet wood.

  2. Tending to your tinder makes it tender.
    ‘Tinder’ is used to start a fire. Thanks for the great tips.

  3. Thanks for your useful tips, it gave me some key points on what to look for, when starting a fire in rainy weather.
    Keep up the great videos.

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