How to Make A Fishing Spear


Improvised Fishing Spear

Fishing Spear Head


How to make a improvised fishing spear with natural material, a knife and some string, by Scott from the “TheFishooks” on YouTube.


This is a simple fishing spear with a little twist to it, you can replace the spines with ease if broken. This is how you make it:

The fishing spear started out as a six foot piece of cedar about a inch and a half round, the bark was stripped off and then shaved down to about a inch all of the length.

Then the end of the fishing spear was split down about ten inches then wrapped with waxed string so when the wedge was pushed in to open the fork it would not split any further down.

Before the fork is opened up you can take a nail or awl and make your holes that hold the spines, that are black locust thorns.

After your holes are put in at an angle toward the middle of fork, you push in the wedge to open the fork.

Then you cut off the locust thorns from the locust tree branch.  The longer ones go in at the end and the shorter up in the middle of the fork.  Then just hammer the thorns in the holes.

Then I took the waxed string and tied it at the bottom of the thorns and spiraled it up and around covering the back of each thorn and tied it off at the end of the fishing spear. This ensures it is easy to change the spine by just sliding the string out off the way of the broken thorn.  Then pushing it out and replacing it with a new one.  Then hammer it in and cover the back of the thorn up with the string again to help keep it in place.

This was a fun project, but be ready to be stuck!  Those thorns are so sharp.  Hope someone will enjoy.  Here are some more pictures of it below: Take care ,,, Scott.






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  1. Cool.
    Can’t wait to try it. Although, in my area (Far West Texas and Southern New Mexico) I will need to use mesquite thorns.

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