How To Use A Ferro Rod With One Hand


Read Below To How To Use A Ferro Rod One Handed

Ferrocerium Rods are known by many names and there are just as many opinions on how they can and should be used to start a fire.  Many people insist that you have to have a high carbon uncoated bare steel knife with a 90 degree spine and you can only strike a ferro rod off of the back of the knife – they say you should never use the sharp edge of the knife to strike the ferro rod…  I say poppycock!  Because the reality is that in an emergency survival situation, you should use what works the best and most efficient.  Statistically speaking the vast majority of emergency survival situations are over within 72 hours.  And that type of situation is what I am addressing in this post and on my site.  In a short term survival situation striking your ferro rod with the sharp edge of your knife isn’t going to wear out your knife or your ferro rod and to be honest it barely effects the edge at all, even on a cheap stainless steel knife.  How do I know?  Because using the sharp edge of the knife  is/was the method taught by the USAF Survival School when I was an instructor there many years ago.  The entire instructor cadre and myself all taught the same method.  Because it works! See more on why and how I use a ferro rod in the video below.  Then watch the second video to see how I use the ferro rod with just one hand.

How To Use A Ferro Rod

How To Use A Ferro Rod  – The One Hand Method

Take a look at the video below for a quick demo on how to use a ferro rod with just one hand.  Its a pretty straight forward method, but not one that you see taught very often.

How do you use your ferro rod? Do you use the sharp edge of your knife or only the back or a scraper and why? Please leave a comment below!

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  1. That’s a great technique. Reading the title of the post made me instantly curious. I’m going to try that one soon.

  2. I listened to your thoughts on edge or spine with great interest. Since I carry cheap knives in my bags, I use the blade edge. I want a decent attack on the striker. I’d rather rework and edge, than freeze my assets trying to start a fire. Besides, the wear, if any, is only on one small part of the blade, and leaves the working part alone. Seems like a no-brainer, to me.

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