Improvised Hammock Shelter

Improvised Hammock Shelter

How To Build A Hammock Shelter

Having a good reliable shelter in a wilderness survival situation is very important.  Carrying a full sized manufactured shelter / tent isn’t always an option.  So it is a good idea to know how to improvise a shelter from various materials just in case it is needed.  This article will take a look at how I built an improvised hammock shelter.  Hammock Shelters can be a great option for camping or sleeping outside in an emergency situation. Watch the video below to see how I built my Hammock Shelter from an old mosquito net and a military poncho.

Also be sure to check out the post I did on how to build another type of field expedient shelter in about three minutes by clicking here:

Click below to watch how I build a hammock shelter with a GI mosquito net.


Click this link to watch this video on YouTube if you don’t have Flash:

Also be sure to check out the full article I wrote on how to build an improvised hammock shelter as a guest contributor at

Have you ever used a hammock shelter?  If so what did you think of it, please leave a comment down below!

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4 thoughts on “Improvised Hammock Shelter

  1. Great instruction, execution, and end result. I like the minimal effort needed, minimal materials needed, and the light weight of the materials which results in great cover and off the ground sleeping arraignments. Nice Job JJ!

  2. I just answered another post of your re: hammocks. This one is great, too. I would double down and encourage people to consider these things in addition to, or in place of, a tent – if the material is correct. The cover can be a simple 6×8 tarp. Pack some paracord and a bit of ingenuity, and you’re set.

    I’m giving a pair of my really old hammocks to one of my daughters and her husband. Both are from the 70s, but serviceable. It feels good passing on tradition, and giving them an edge that, up to about 3 months ago, I was not really thinking about. Funny how I found your post tonight. Maybe it is confirmation.

    You do good work, JJ. I’m sorry I haven’t been around much lately. Keep it up. Good post lead to good thoughts, which might lead to a good long life for someone in need of some inspiration. We’ll find out later when the Creator lets us in on all the good results of our work. 🙂
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