Man Made Tinders


Man Made Tinders Are All Over The Place!

Man Made Tinder

How many man made tinders can you name?  There are tons and tons of man made tinders all over a typical household.  Knowing some of these very commonly available man made tinders could be highly useful to you in a grid down situation to get a fire started!  Sure it is good to know in a wilderness survival situation as well, but even if you were Bugging In and were without power or heat for an extended period of time you may need to make use of the man made tinder in your home to get a fire started to keep you and your family warm or just to cook dinner!

Take a look at the video below to see a bunch of man made tinders and how they burn!

What man made fire starting tinder do you like to use that wasn’t in this video? Please share in the comments below!


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5 thoughts on “Man Made Tinders

  1. Jeff,
    Yep I have used steel wool and a battery several times and it certainly makes a hot coal and last a while. The problem I see with using those as a tinder is that it pretty much takes 00 or 000 fine steel wool, which at least in my experience isn’t the type of steel wool that most people have around the house. usually it is more like SOS or more coarse steel wool for scrubbing pots, etc. I have never personally been able to get the more coarse stuff to work at all. Especially SOS, with all of the soap in there. It won’t work at all. I did think about the finer 000 steel wool in the video, but after I went to a grocery store and a hardware store looking for the right stuff and neither had it, I decided to leave it out. It is neat to use though! Kinda neat seeing the ember grow so quickly with just the touch of a battery. Thanks! JJ

  2. Good Vid JJ…Jeffery got my idea first. We used steel wool way back when I was in Boy Scouts for Wilderness Merit Badge…works like a charm. Works better with C or D cell batteries. You covered alot of options in your article/video. I need to get one of those Steel Fire Matches you have. Lots of these methods could be useful for getting a fire going in the stove article I’ll have for you soon. Finishing it up today.

  3. One very good fire starter that is not well known is a Doritos chip. They are mostly made of corn and plant oil, so they burn quite well.

  4. Two AA batteries a staple placed on negative side and chewing gum foil on positive side aka prison lighter works better then a bic when you get the hang of it staple and wrapper can be switched for a number of things as well as battery size 9volts are kind of rare any more my smoke detectors don’t even have them

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