Natural Tinder – Thistle Head




Natural Tinder:

Thistle is a plant that seems to be pretty common all over the place and it has a lot of uses in a wilderness survival or a primitive survival situation. Here I demo how to use the dried Thistle head as a natural tinder for igniting a fire.  The Thistle head will need to be dry or you won’t be able to light it on fire.  It is also a flash tinder, so it lights and burns quickly.  It is best to use in combination with another tinder or small dry kindling or feather sticks, but can be used to start a fire on its own as well. Take a look at the video below to see how to prepare the Thistle head into a tinder to light a fire with in a primitive survival or wilderness survival situation.

 Click below to see how to prepare and ignite this tinder.

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