Neighborhood Friendly Compost Piles

For obvious reasons composting usually goes hand with gardening.  There are several highly effective compost designs, some are more neighboorhood and HOA friendly than others.  Check out the pics below for quick demo on how to make an effective and neighborhood friendly compost pile.


For me the cheapest way to do this project and still have it blend in with rest of the yard was to buy two pre-made fence panels, then add in 1×2 inch boards in between the fence pickets.  Then cut the two fence panels in half, creating four equal pieces.  Then I screwed on four small L brackets on the back panel and attached the two sides to the back.  Then put two strap hinges on one side of the front gate, and then two latches to keep it closed.  I added the gate so that I could stir it up from time to time.  I will also run a four inch piece of flexible black water pipe (drain tile) that I have drilled a bunch of holes into.  That will go in the middle of the pile, to allow oxygen to get down into the pile to promote bacteria growth.  Then last but not least is to stain to match my fence and add grass clippings, or whatever other compost material.

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