Most Overlooked Item In An Urban Survival Kit – RZ Mask


RZ Mask Review

This is a look at what may be the Most Overlooked Item In An Urban Survival Kit. The RZ Mask is a great dust, chemical and particulate mask with an activated charcoal HEPA filter that will help you be able to breathe more easily in tough and dusty situations. These situations could easily happen in an urban environment due to terrorism, building collapse, massive urban fires, etc.  You can learn more about these masks at But to save a few bucks pick them up through my Amazon store using the links below!

These masks are rated to be able to filter out particulate that is .1 Microns and larger.  Some of them are also dual use in that they can be used to protect your face in Cold weather as well.  Then of course if you needed to conceal your identity these would assist in that area as well.  Here is a look at what the RZ Mask website says about these masks:

By combing comfort, style and durability. With an effective, long lasting replaceable filter, the RZ Mask is shaping the future of respiratory protection.

Abrasion-resistant fabric combined with the high durability extends the lifetime of the product and protects its user.

Dual valve technology: A one-way airflow vents expel condensation keeping the mask interior dry. Each valve facilitates easy breathing outwards by optimizing airflow. An easy twist seal locks the inner filter in place and blocks unfiltered air. The replaceable, inner active carbon filter is 99.9% effective down to .1 microns in size.

Unlike full face masks the RZ Mask expels moisture better,  keeping goggles from fogging up and keeping the inside of the mask dry and comfortable for long-term use.

The mask shape will fit under helmets and goggles  with the right stretch and flex for any activity. All the new RZ Mask styles feature a hi-density print with vibrant colors to really showcase the artwork.

See the full RZ Mask review by watching the video below!

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RZ Mask Active Carbon Filters, Regular

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RZ Mask Active Carbon Filters, Regular, X-Large

What do you think is the most overlooked item in an Urban Survival Kit? Let us know in the comments below!


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