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Gun News Weekly – Staying Informed On Concealed Carry

The Guns News Weekly Crew Talks Concealed Carry For Self Defense Kevin “The Tac Daddy” and Shwell from Gun News Weekly give us [...]
Expandable Batons
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Most Realistic Shooting Practice
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Small gun
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How To Escape From Handcuffs

Escape and Evasion Tip: How To Escape From Handcuffs Escaping from handcuffs sounds like it would be something that is highly difficult and [...]
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10 Things to Look for When Picking A Bug Out Vehicle

10 Things to Look for When Picking A Bug Out Vehicle According to Benjamin Franklin, “By failing to prepare, you are preparing to [...]
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Expandable Batons
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Most Realistic Shooting Practice
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New Bush Pilot Survival Kit

New Bush Pilot Survival Kit from Skinner Sights, LLC News Release: Skinner Sights, LLC, Saint Ignatius, MT, May 2016  A top drawer survival kit [...]

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SODIS - How To Purify Water In A Bottle With The Sun - YouTube 2016-05-05 20-33-56

The Truth About Water Purification

The Truth About Water Purification There are many myths and inaccuracies about water purification tactics techniques and procedures! Hopefully this post will clear [...]
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Field Dressed Turkey
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Magnesium Fire Starter 1
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Satellite Phone Info

March 23, 2013

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Schrade SCH105 Quick Look

Schrade SCH105 Is A Great Little EDC Knife For The Money At under $20 on Amazon (You can get one here) this little [...]
Sun Oven
Radio In a can
Surefire P2X Firy and Bullets 2

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How To Choose The Right Tactical Boot

The Choice Of Tactical Boots – A Guide For A Smart Prepper 66 / 52 / 200+ The numbers above are the number [...]
Guns in America | Facts and statistics about firearms in the USA 2016-01-07 19-16-50

American Gun Facts

January 7, 2016


Gun Control

January 3, 2016

Everglades national park

Survival In The Swamp

August 14, 2014

Fat Guys In The Woods

Fat Guys In The Woods!

July 28, 2014

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5 Bushcraft Shelters You Should Know How To Build

5 Bushcraft Shelters You Should Know How To Build Guest Post by John Lewis: I started participating in outdoor activities at the age [...]
Random Fire Tips

Make Better Feather Sticks

February 7, 2013

Survival Camp Chair 2015-11-11 21-02-15

Survival Camp Chair

November 12, 2012

DIY Wood Gas Stove

DIY Wood Gas Stove

October 28, 2012

Fishing Spear Head

How to Make A Fishing Spear

August 16, 2012

Buck Saw Blade
Pitch Wood / Fat Wood / Grease Wood

How to Find Pitch Wood

June 10, 2012

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10 Things to Look for When Picking A Bug Out Vehicle

10 Things to Look for When Picking A Bug Out Vehicle According to Benjamin Franklin, “By failing to prepare, you are preparing to [...]
MedCallAssist First Aid Kit Contents
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Meals Ready To Eat Review

January 6, 2016

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Vehicle Everyday Carry Gear

January 3, 2016

Valley Food Storage Long Term Food Storage Option For Preppers! - YouTube 2015-11-29 20-32-53

Valley Food Storage Review

November 29, 2015

Fire Starting Videos

Most Overlooked Survival and Prepping Gear

Welcome To Reality Survival!

Reality Survival is a free online source for learning survival skills. Including the topics of Wilderness Survival, Urban Survival, Disaster Preparedness and Bushcraft as well as Escape and Evasion Survival Skills. I also provide in depth and quick bench top reviews of new outdoor survival and prepping gear as well. This blog is also an extension of my RealitySurvival Youtube channel as well. Be sure to subscribe to it by clicking the YouTube button on the right hand side bar to get the most up to date videos! On this blog I use a variety of methods to pass along great tips and tricks as well as those good to know survival hacks as well! I occasionally also do some long form traditional education style videos too.

This site is organized in six basic categories. The four main categories are complimentary to each other. The first two are Wilderness Survival and Bushcraft. Bushcraft is the art of practicing survival skills and techniques before you need them and the wilderness survival section focuses on the utilization and application of those skills and techniques in a real world emergency setting. The second two sections are Urban Survival and Disaster Preparedness (or Prepping). As with the other sections Prepping is getting prepared for a bad disaster before it hits. Whereas Urban Survival is utilizing skills and preparations for survival after the disaster has struck. I also have a category for Escape and Evasion and a Miscellaneous section as well.

All you need to do to navigate to any section is to scroll down and choose from the topic you want to learn about. Inside each of the main categories you will find material on a wide range of topics including but not limited to: fire building, shelter construction, how to purify water, land navigation, edible foods, fire starting materials, water sources, and a ton of great gear reviews and escape and evasion skills and tons of great prepping tips. You can also use the search feature to search for a specific topic as well. Enjoy the site and please feel free to leave comments and ask any questions you may have! I do my best to answer all comments and questions.

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