Urban Survival Tips: How To Prevent Break Ins Through Your Garage Door!

This Urban Survival Tip shows a couple of easy DIY ways for How To Prevent Break Ins Through Your Garage.  In times of economic downturn crime rates will increase and burglars will look for homes that are easy targets to break into. Use these methods to keep them from be able to get into your home quite so easily!

Check the links below for additional videos on this subject and some alternatives to keeping your home safe as well:





Urban Survival Tips: How To Prevent Garage Break Ins

Schrade SCHA6L Folding Knife Review

This is a look at the Schrade SCHA6L, a cool and beefy assisted opening Every Day Carry (EDC) folding knife that will work well for daily carry or great for adding to tactical gear and vehicle survival kits, etc. You can learn more about the Schrade SCHA6L at: http://goo.gl/4n9GLK

What Is Your Favorite Everyday Carry Knife?

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Schrade SCHA6L Folding Knife Review

Urban Survival Tips: Defensive Pistol Training

Check out this sweet urban survival tip from David on how to polish up on your defensive pistol shooting! You can see more great videos from David over at: https://www.youtube.com/user/dwilhoite.

Defensive pistol training is extremely important.  Shooting is a perishable skill and needs to be practiced often and on a regular basis. I highly recommend joining a local competitive shooting organization such as the IDPA or the USPSA to keep your skills honed and ready in case of an emergency!

How do you train to stay sharp and accurate?

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Urban Survival Tips: Defensive Pistol Training

Dorcy Metal Gear XML Flashlight Review

This is a quick look at the Dorcy Metal Gear XLM Flashlight. This flashlight review covers all of the basics as far as dimensions and specifications as well as getting a few shots of it close up on the bench and outdoors using it at night.  The Dorcy Metal Gear XLM is a pretty sweet light and you can find out more about Dorcy flashlights by clicking here:   http://goo.gl/O9NL9g


Dorcy Metal Gear XML Flashlight Review

Urban Survival Tips: How To Survive Living In Your Car

in car

Urban Survival Tips: How to Survive Living in Your Car Guest Post by Author: J. Cirerol From August 25th 2012 until over a year later, I slept and lived in my car in Los Angeles, California.  I moved to Los Angeles … Continue reading

Homeless Tent Cities In The Suburbs Of The Nations Capitol

This is a mini documentary of what real life SHTF looks like.  Many people have different scenarios in their mind about what may happen during an apocalyptic event.  But the reality is that SHTF scenarios happen to good folks every day.  This short video takes a brief look at what it is like to live homeless in a tent.  It also explores that fact that about 30% of people who are in homeless situations like these two guys would work for a living if given an opportunity.  Of course that means that there is also about 70% of folks that just want to stay in the situation that they are currently in.

I would like to do a full length documentary on this subject and identify several people who do actually want to work for a living and find a way to help them transition back into normal civilian life.  The film that I would make is going to reflect the reality on the ground just like this short video does as well.  You will notice that one guy in this video is drinking and smoking.  The other is also an alcoholic, although he wasn’t drinking the day we filmed.  This is real, it is how they live and show that is how I will show it.  I don’t judge these people for their choices and I respect their willingness to get on film and take ownership in their situation.  Which both of these men did.  I only had seven mins of footage that I could include in this film but I have at least an hour more footage where they both go into detail on their situation, how they got there and what kinds of things would help them to get out of the situation. It is all very interesting and ultimately if I am able to make the longer full length film, I am hoping that it will help to make a change in the way county governments go about distributing assistance to folks who are homeless. My guiding principle is that old saying “If you give a man a fish, he will eat for a day, but if you teach a man to fish, he can eat for a lifetime”.  I believe our benefits system in the USA should follow this motto.

I need your help in an online film contest!

I have entered this film into an online film contest and am doing very well!  Currently in third place out of more than 220 films! But I still need an additional 70 or so votes to win.  Any help you could give would be great!  The winner will get $500.00 and if this film wins I will split the money between both of the men in this film.  Recently Patrick was hit by a car while riding his bike, so he could really use some help right now!

You can vote for this film by going to:  http://www.tallenge.com/jj-johnson/film/general9/a-hand-up-by-jj-johnson/vote The site is a bit slow to load, but once it does you just watch my video and a competing video and then Click to Vote for the winner.  Click on whichever video you like best (hopefully this one) and then it will tell you “Thanks for voting” or something to that effect to let you know your vote was recorded. If you use a cell phone to vote, make sure to turn it into the sideways (landscape view) so you can see the voting buttons.

Thanks a bunch for your support!

What SHTF really Looks Like!