Fat Guys In The Woods!

Fat Guys In The Woods

Wait a minute that guy isn’t fat!  No he isn’t. That is Creek Stewart the host of a really cool new Reality Survival TV show called Fat Guys In The Woods that will be premiering on the Weather Channel on Sunday Aug 10 2014. Go set your DVR now before you finish reading this post.  No seriously, I will wait…

What is Fat Guys In The Woods All About?

One of the unique things about this show that is different from all of the other Survival shows on TV that I am aware of, is that this show is putting the everyday average Joe (who could afford also to loose a few pounds and get their life turned around) in the survival situation for a week.  The regular guys will be the ones building the shelters, fire, trapping and hunting for food, searching for water and edible plants! It is a show that is very positive and encouraging and shows how being in the wilderness can change lives and bring out the best in people, even in dire situations!

How many episodes of Fat Guys In The Woods Will There Be?

There will be 8 episodes and in each episode you will see new shelters, different fire starting techniques and different wild edibles and ways to catch game.  There will be three new guys in each show and in every episode you will be right there with them as they go through the Real World struggles that anyone would have when trying to survive with essentially nothing but a Knife, A Canteen and the clothes on their back!

What Gear Will The Fat Guys In The Woods Be Able To Take With Them?

No food, no water, no fully stocked backpacks with mega charged survival kits.  These guys are getting the bare essentials and having to stay out in the Smokey mountains in the winter time!  Remember the Polar Vortex we had last winter?  Yep, they were filming this show during that mess!

When Does Fat Guys In The Woods Air On TV?

Fat Guys In The Woods will premiere on the Weather Channel on Sunday Aug 10, 2014.   I think this is going to be a great show and I will be speaking with Creek Stewart live on my Youtube channel in a google hangout tomorrow night July 29th at 830 PM Eastern Standard Time.  So cruise on over to this link at 830 PM tomorrow night and join us via chat. Just submit any questions you have about the show by slapping them in the comments on the video and I will ask your questions to Creek directly! http://www.youtube.com/user/realitysurvival.

Watch The Interview Of Creek Stewart The Host Of The New Reality Survival TV show Fat Guys in The Woods By Clicking Below!


What Area Of The USA Would You Like To See Season 2 Be Filmed In? Let us know in the comments below!


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Fat Guys In The Woods!

How To Use A Condom To Carry Water Without It Breaking!

Condom Pic

Many people have made a mini survival kit and included a condom as an emergency water carrier.  Sure it is the back up to the back up, but do you know how to fill it with water?  Or do you know how to keep it from breaking once you do get it filled?  Well here is a couple of tips that just may help you out if your answer was no to either of those questions.

A couple of considerations is that if you are going to pack on condom you should go ahead and pack two if at all possible, because even if you do everything right there is still a good chance that one could break.  Heck even both could break as they are pretty fragile!  Also you should try to get non-lubricated condoms if at all possible.  Although those are a bit tougher to find these days.  Last thing is that you should probably replace them every year or so to keep them from degrading while in storage. Ok that about covers it!  Check out the video below and let me know what you think of the technique in the comments below!

Survival Kit Gear Videos: How To Use A Condom To Carry Water


So Do YouThink Condoms Make A Good Back Up To The Back Up Emergency Water Container?

Thanks for watching and as always I definitely appreciate it when you share these articles on Facebook, Twitter and Google +!  And don’t forget to live the 6 P’s! Proper Prior Preparation Prevents Poor Performance! Stay Safe.



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Survival Kit Gear: How To Use A Condom To Carry Water

AR-15 Slide Fire Stock Review: Practical & Tactical Or Toy?

Slide Fire Stock

When I got this Slide Fire Stock I wanted to attempt to make a somewhat informed judgment on whether or not the Slide Fire Stock has any applications for a combat or tactical type environment.  So a friend of mine and I came up with three short tests to compare the Slide Fire’s Fixed Position mode to the Slide Fire mode to see which one comes out on top.  I was a bit surprised at the outcome on the third test.  The other two tests were fairly predictable.  You can see the results of those Field tests by clicking on the second video below.  But first before watching that video, check out the table top review that I did showing How To Install the Slide Fire Stock on an AR-15.

How To Install The Slide Fire Stock On An AR-15


Slide Fire SSAR-15: OGR Specifications

Slide Fire Stock Logo

The following information is from the Slide Fire website.  Check it out for additional information and some of the other cool products they offer!  The SSAR-15® OGR is designed for use on all AR-15 rifles equipped with a carbine style buffer tube. There are no permanent modifications necessary to install the SSAR-15® OGR.

Allows shooter to shoot as quickly as desired, in a safe manner.
Easily installs on most AR-15 rifles equipped with a carbine style buffer tube.
No permanent modifications necessary.
30 day money back guarantee.
Made in the USA.
Constructed of Premium Reinforced High Strength Polymer.

Only compatible on AR-15s with Carbine Style Buffer Assemblies.
Compatible with mil-spec and most commercial buffer tubes.
Most third party sling attachments are not compatible. See our S.P.A.D.E.

SSAR-15® OGR Rifle Stock. (Right or Left Handed)
Interface Block.
Hex Key.

AR-15 Slide Fire Stock Field Review and Tactics Test


So tell us what you think about the Slide Fire Stock!

Does it have tactical applications for civilians who can’t reasonable afford an actual automatic weapon or is it just a fun toy for the recreational shooter and plinker?


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AR-15 Slide Fire Stock Review

How To Field Dress A Turkey

Skinning A Turkey

Turkeys are one of the few animals that you can hunt in the springtime.  Some really enjoy the activity, and the thrill of calling in a big tom.  Others hunt spring turkey because their normal quarry is out of season.  Some hunt because they need to put food on the table. Others do it because it is a great way to break kids into hunting since it isn’t as cold as many other hunting seasons in the fall or winter.  No matter the reason for the hunt, one consideration to make after you have taken the game is how to clean and prepare the bird so that you and your family can eat it!  In the video below, Jeff and I show How To Field Dress A Turkey.  Though there are other methods for field dressing a turkey, and some may be faster, this method maximizes the amount of meat you can get from your kill, which could be very important in a survival situation or a situation where you had to hunt for food because there was no more food on the shelves at the grocery store!

Field Dressed Turkey

How To Field Dress A Turkey Instructional Video


Spring turkey hunts are an excellent way to get out early in the year, and kick cabin fever.  As you can see, there is a lot of meat to be had from one of these birds.  So if you’re looking for something to do in the spring of the year, try turkey hunting, and try filed dressing your next turkey in this manner instead of just breasting it out.  That way if you ever need to Field Dress A Turkey in a grid down situation you will have done it before.

What is your favorite knife for field dressing Turkeys? Comment below and let us know what you think.

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How To Field Dress A Turkey

How To Use A Climbing Tree Stand

Snapshot 2014-05-08 22.47.31

Hunting is an important part of preparedness and the obvious benefit to knowing how to hunt for food is that in a grid down situation you would be able to supplement some of the nutrition your family needs with some of the food you kill while hunting. Additionally, the  skills you gain while hunting now while the grid is up will be useful for more than just being able to hide from animals. In a grid down situation or bug out scenario you may also want to know how to avoid people as well!  If you can hide from a 10 point Whitetail buck you can probably do a pretty good job hiding from zombie Joe as well!  One excellent way to hunt is by using a tree stand. Some benefits of using a tree stand are that they allow you to gain significant elevation. This helps you to be able to see farther, and also to mask your scent and give you better angles and shooting lanes to hit your game. Tree stands, however, can be useful for more than just hunting. They could also be useful for scouting new areas, as well as a security lookout post outside of a camp. In the video below I will be discussing How To Use A Climbing Tree Stand which is what I believe is one of the best types of tree stand for a prepper or survivalist to own.

Snapshot 2014-05-08 22.46.36

How To Use A Climbing Tree Stand Instructional Video


As you can see the climbing tree stand has many benefits. It allows you to be more mobile, as you don’t have to leave it affixed in one location. It allows you to move much more easily to other trees if you decide to move. You do not have to worry about your stand getting stolen because you can keep it with you.  You can just arrive a bit early and quickly set it up when you get to your hunting spot. Then take down and carry it with you when you leave. Climbing Tree Stands also do less damage to trees than some other types of tree stands. When used properly, and safely, a climbing tree stand is one great option for hunters and preppers.

What is your favorite way to hunt? Ground blind, stalking, ladder tree stand, or some other method? Post a comment below to tell us what you think.

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How To Use A Climbing Tree Stand

Disaster Preparedness (Prepping) Videos

Snapshot 2014-05-01 22.26.30

For 23 March to 23 April 2014:

These disaster preparedness or prepping videos are a pretty good mix of an EDC pen review, a tip for cheap solar lighting, a look at some of the things I keep in my vehicle for everyday carry emergency gear as well as a look at some good meals that can be stored for long term and a a quick look at how to install a Slide Fire Stock on an AR-15!  Check out the videos and let me know what you think of this new format in the comments below!


DIY Prepping Tips: Cheap Area Lighting For Power Outages

Snapshot 2014-05-01 22.27.15

This is a quick and easy DIY Prepping Tip for having some decent area lighting that can be used in your home when the power goes out during a storm or even temporary grid failure.  These landscape lights are very cheap and you can find them in any local hardware store and even some dollar stores or just do like I do and use the ones from your own yard as you are replacing them with new ones.  Let me know what you think in the comments below!


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Vehicle Everyday Carry Gear

Snapshot 2014-05-01 22.30.22

This is a look at the gear and tools that I carry in my daily commuter car.  My Vehicle Everyday Carry Gear includes tools, safety items, rope, tow straps, gasoline (don’t worry I emptied the can), etc.  Im not finished outfitting this vehicle yet so feel free to let me know what I have forgotten to include by leaving a comment below!  I do plan to add in a Get Home Bag and a Vehicle Survival Kit as well as an Auto Possibles Bag with some extra auto repair items.



EDC Gear: Survival Pen By Schrade

Snapshot 2014-05-01 22.29.46

This is a review of a sweet new piece of EDC gear.  This is the Schrade Survival pen.  It has several really cool features that make it a great every day carry item for those people who like to spend time in the wilderness.  The survival pen includes a ferro rod and striker for starting fire, a whistle for signaling for help and a pen the seems to work really well writing on a lot of different surfaces!  This would be a great piece of EDC gear to have if you ever found yourself in a wilderness or even urban survival situation where you needed to get a fire going to save your life or the life of a loved one!  You can get more information on these at http://www.taylorbrandsllc.com



Prepping Food Heater Meals EX From The Ready Store

Snapshot 2014-05-01 22.24.53

This is quick taste test of some a cool heater meal offered by the Ready Store. This little meals would make a great addition to your home preparations so that you have some easy to cook and good tasting food on hand in case the power goes out and you can’t cook on an electric range.  You could also throw them in other types of survival bags or kits, but I think they will fit perfectly into your home preparations as a just in case meal.  If you want to purchase some of these doing so through this link will help me out and wont cost you any more! http://www.thereadystore.com/?utm_medium=affiliate&utm_campaign=PAP&aid=52eebba412839 



How To Install An AR-15 Slide Fire Stock

Snapshot 2014-05-01 22.24.06

This is a tabletop review of the Slide Fire stock for the AR-15, in this video I show how the Slide Fire stock works and how to install it on a right handed AR-15.  My plan for the future is to do a few range videos to determine if the Slide Fire Stock can be used in a tactical situation or if it is for recreation purposes only.  Do you have any experience with a Slide Fire Stock?  If so let us know what you think of it in the comments below!



Bug Out Bag Food: Ready Store MREs Taste Test

Snapshot 2014-05-01 22.23.04

This is just a quick look at some MREs offered by the Ready Store. They make great food for a Bug Out Bag or just weekend camping with the kids. If my boys will eat them any kid will love them! If you want to purchase some of these doing so through this link will help me out and wont cost you any more! http://www.thereadystore.com/?utm_medium=affiliate&utm_campaign=PAP&aid=52eebba412839


Thanks For Watching These Disaster Preparedness Videos!

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Prepping Videos For March & April 2014