A Few Tips For Staying Warm When The Grid Is Down!


Tips For Staying Warm When The Grid Is Down! A Guest Post By Naomi Broderick For many people “Bugging In” or staying at home during a critical SHTF or grid down scenario is a much more appealing option than leaving … Continue reading

TerraLux TT-5 Tactical Flashlight Review

TerraLux TT-5 Tactical Flashlight

TerraLux TT-5 Tactical Flashlight Review The TerraLux TT-5 Tactical Flashlight is without a doubt one of the most rugged, well built and well designed LED flashlights I have had the opportunity to use in over 17 years of service with … Continue reading

Survival Gear By Vigilant Trails

Vigilant Trails Fishing Kit

Low Cost High Value Survival Gear by Vigilant Trails Many people steer clear of buying prepackaged Survival Kits, because often they don’t have enough good and useable items in them to make much of a real difference, plus they are … Continue reading

3 Reasons To Pack A Survival Straw

Clearly Filtered Survival Straw

3 Reasons To Pack A Survival Straw Most people who spend time in the wilderness know the importance of having a source of fresh and potable drinking water with them.  Water after all is what sustains life on this planet.  … Continue reading

Clearly Filtered Stainless Steel Water Bottle Review

Clearly Filtered Stainless Steel Water Bottle

My Favorite Stainless Steel Filtered Water Bottle! Clearly Filtered has come out with a cool new stainless steel water bottle that has a water filter built in! To my knowledge they are the first company to do this with a … Continue reading

EDC Body Armor


EDC Body Armor – The Ghost by Safeguard Right now the United States has been enjoying historically low crime rates, in fact gun violence has dropped significantly over the past 20 years or more.  So you may ask yourself, why … Continue reading

FSD Food Fire & Filter Bucket

Food Supply Depot 72 hour Emergency kit

FSD Food Fire & Filter Bucket – 72 Hour Emergency Kit   I recently had the opportunity to review and cook up a tasty meal from the Food Supply Depot 72 Hour Emergency Kit aptly called the FSD Food, Fire … Continue reading

Top 10 Things to Do to Survive A Fire


Top 10 Things to Do To Survive A House Fire Every year, fires claim a lot of lives and injure more. In 2011 alone, there were 1,389,500 fires reported in the country. These incidents caused over 3,000 deaths, 17,500 injuries … Continue reading

Long Term Gasoline Storage

PRI-G Quart

How To Prepare Gasoline For Long Term Storage If you have 20 or 25 gallons of gasoline or more already as a part of your disaster preparedness items then you are ahead of the game! One additional thing you should … Continue reading

Satellite Phone Info


Smart Adventurers Use Satellite Phones (and Here’s Why) Things are not looking good. You are isolated from civilization somewhere in Yosemite National Park, possibly injured or hungry, and night is setting in. You turn to your cell phone, but there’s … Continue reading

Power Outage Kit


Be Ready For Power Outages With A Kit Like This! Power outages happen all of the time and can be quite a pain in the butt.  However, if you set up a little power outage kit like this they are … Continue reading

Should You Store Your Magazines Loaded Or Unloaded?


Leave Your Magazines Loaded Or Unloaded?   I have often wondered if it really mattered one way or the other if magazines should be left loaded or unloaded.  I have heard for many years that leaving them loaded is fine … Continue reading

Shooting Tips for Engaging Multiple Targets


Shooting Tips for Engaging Multiple Targets This is a video from a YouTube buddy of mine who has been a competitive shooter for a long time.  You can subscribe to either of his YouTube channels at http://www.youtube.com/user/nictaylor00?feature=watch or http://www.youtube.com/user/TexasNative00. In the … Continue reading

How To Hurricane Proof Your Home

Typhoon Pat

How To Hurricane Proof Your Home How To Hurricane Proof Your Home [Infographic] by the team at US Door & More Inc What Do You Do To Hurricane Proof Your Home? Let us know in the comments below! If you … Continue reading

Katadyn Hiker Water Filter Review


The Katadyn Hiker Water Filter Works Great! Which is probably why it is one of the best selling water filters on the market today.  We all need water and it needs to be clean and fresh.  There are several ways … Continue reading

Gun Dog Training – Doing It Yourself


Today’s fast-paced world does not allow many sportsmen the opportunity to buy their retrievers and properly prepare them for hunting. The simplest solution is to hire a professional and put the dog through a fast-paced course to ready it for … Continue reading