Pemmican – The Bread Of The Wilderness

Pemmican Ingredients

This is a follow up to an article I posted about making this perfect primal stick-to-your-ribs survival food a few months ago. Like most things survival related, it’s best to experience it first hand before counting on it with your life.  Here you’ll find my mistakes and successes making pemmican. “Doing the stuff” is more important than talking about or reading about the stuff.

Why pemmican?

Charles Washington’s Zeroing In On Health blog has a great primer on the importance and history of this survival ration. He writes,

Pemmican has been described by many famous and influential people as being the most concentrated and nutrient-dense ration known to man yet became a marginal and even forgotten item.”

Frontiersmen, polar explorers, American Indians, fur traders, soldiers, hunters, and mountain climbers all understood the importance of carrying a lightweight, compact, food to sustain them on physically taxing adventures. Little is needed to prepare tasty (with the right recipe) “bread of the wilderness.”  Just a few ounces of Pemmican was said to keep soldiers marching for several days.  Also, with no time to cook with an open fire that might give up your position to the nearest looter population, packing pemmican is a great fuel to help get you to your hideaway.

Pack Pemmican and Less TP

Another advantage, according to Washington, is you poop less and with less offensive odor.  Unless you’ve never wiped your backside in the woods with leaves, sticks, or a shirt tail, you won’t appreciate this point. Eating the low-carb, primal/paleo diet that I do, my family can confirm the odor claim.  Yeah, whatever Walker!  We all know your sh#t don’t stink…

There are many recipes online for pemmican. Here’s what I used….Click Here To Read More!

Have you had Pemmican before? If so tell us what you thought of it in the comments below!

This has been a guest post by Todd at http://www.SurvivalSherpa.Wordpress.Com; Thanks for the contribution Todd!

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  1. While the flavor isn’t bad at all, it does take some getting used to (when you’re not starving). The mouth “feel” isn’t something most people are prepared for – it is very… greasy is the best word I can come up with. Then again, if it tasted like donuts it would still be popular!

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