Pistol Practice

CZ-75 Champion

Pistol Practice Makes Perfect…

CZ-75 Champion
CZ-75 Champion

Well maybe practice doesn’t make perfect, but realistic practice will make you a lot better shooter than you would have been without practicing.  As I have said before (in this post: http://www.realitysurvival.com/firearms-proficiency-shotgunning/) I consider firearms proficiency to be a basic skill that all preppers should take seriously.  If you own a firearm you should know how to use it safely.  You should also train in ways that are at least somewhat realistic.  If you always shoot your weapon from the same stationary position with your weapon at the ready and don’t mix it up like in the videos below (or in other ways) you could be cheating yourself.  Below are a few very basic ideas to use in order to begin training yourself to be better equipped to shoot well in a stressful situation.

The 3 Point Draw

Click the following link to watch on YouTube if you don’t have Flash: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HfgrcRm2yRc


The Reload

Click the following link to watch on YouTube if you don’t have Flash: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L47p9y6euKQ

Commonly Over Looked Shooting Positions

Click the following link to watch on YouTube if you don’t have Flash: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cbb0ak5B_-w


Multiple Target Engagement

Click the following link to watch on YouTube if you don’t have Flash: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rmJI0mwPfUQ


This Is Just A Starting Point

Once you become comfortable with the basic items above you should add to this and begin to train by using dummy rounds (specially made non-operable ammunition) that you mix in with your regular ammunition in order to stimulate failures/jams.  You should also consider practicing to shoot from behind various types of barricades and do a short run or some jumping jacks or push-ups prior to firing to simulate an adrenaline rush.  I also highly recommend becoming a member of USPSA (http://www.uspsa.org/) or IDPA (http://www.idpa.com/) and begin in some entry level competitions.  The added stress of competition goes a long ways to making you a better shooter!

Do you still shoot from a standing position on a firing line?  If not, what things have you done to make your firearms training more realistic?

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