Primitive Skill – Basket Weaving With Cattails

The primitive art of basket weaving is certainly not among the most important of skills to learn.  But there could be times in a survival situation when knowing how to construct a simple basket or other type of container could be useful.  Note: I am no expert in weaving…. as you will be able to tell from the finished product.  But with just a little practice anyone can get the hang of  it, as weaving is a fairly easy skill to understand and be able to use.  Even though this particular basket didn’t come out looking the best, it is functional and will do the job.  Take a look at this very basic, quick and to the point video on basket weaving using the commonly available Cattail leaves.

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As a child I grew up in the Midwest on a small farm and fell in love with the outdoors. Later, that led me to join the USAF where I became a USAF Survival, Evasion, Resistance and Escape (SERE) Instructor. As a SERE Instructor I have trained in all types of environments. Temperate, Arctic, Desert, and Rain Forest. After four years in SERE I retrained into the counterintelligence and counterterrorism field where I have worked for 11 years. I have traveled to the Far East, Asia, Southwest Asia, Europe, the Middle East and South America. The combination of both careers has thought me to see two sides of a coin. I consider myself a realist and while I enjoy primitive survival living, hiking, camping, and hunting for short periods. I also have the experience & understanding to know that living primitively is NOT fun or easy for long periods. Therefore, I try to be practical and logical in an effort to build a reliable, flexible philosophy of self reliance that can be utilized in any situation. Hopefully reading this blog will help you to do the same.

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    Thanks for the share!

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    No problem guys. Thanks for checking it out!



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