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Ribz Front pack Will Change The Way You Hike, Camp and Hunt!

Ribz Front pack

Skeptical is exactly how I would describe how I went into this review.  As many of you know I have lower back problems and I was sure that when I got this Ribz Front Pack allloaded with gear that is was going to cause undue strain.  I wore it all day out in the woods shooting multiple videos (including the one posted below) and practicing different skills and can say with certainty that I walked away from my review of the Ribz Front Pack very surprised and pleased!  My back didn’t hurt all day.  That never happens!

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The Ribz Front Pack does an excellent job at keeping the pack and the gear in close to your body.  It also aides in weight distribution, especially when wearing the Ribz Front Pack with another backpack.  Another awesome feature is the incredible amount of versatility and accessibility that it offers.  Being able to just reach in and grab items that you use frequently through out the day is really cool!

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The only potential downside is also an upside and that is weight.  The Ribz Front Pack isn’t as heavy duty as some tactical nylon products like Maxpedition.  However that actually helps to make the Ribz Front Pack more comfortable and more light weight.  All in all it is plenty sturdy enough to handle frequent medium duty use and abuse.  I think Ribz Wear struck the perfect balance between comfort and durability.  However, I will be able to confirm the durability aspect more conclusively in the future after more extended testing.

Take a look at the video below to see my full review, impressions and thoughts of the Ribz Front Pack.

Ribz Front Pack Review Video:


Overall Impressions Of The Ribz Front Pack

All in all I really like it so far!  Overall I give the Ribz Front Pack a 9 out of 10 stars!  It is very comfortable to wear and is sized just right so that I can put in plenty of things I might need throughout the day but not so big as to have too much space to make it bulky and awkward. They are also priced lower that I initially expected.  Going into this I expected they would be charing around 85 to 95 dollars per Ribz Pack.  However, I was pleasantly surprised when I visited http://www.RibzWear.Com to find that they retail for only $64.95!


What Items Would You pack Into Your New Ribz Front Pack? Let Us Know In The Comments Below!

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Disclosure of Material Connection: I received the Ribz Front Pack for free from RibzWear.Com as coordinated by Deep Creek PR an Outdoor Retailer Public Relations Company in consideration for review publication.




6 thoughts on “Ribz Front Pack Review

  1. I’m using front pack whenever I go hunting from a tree stand. They are invaluable in situations where you have restricted movement possibilities (or you just don’t want to ruin hours of waiting with extensive movement). In mine I usually keep food, water and spare gloves.
    BowHunter recently posted..Hoyt Charger ReviewMy Profile

  2. What are the actual dimensions?
    Would this work for a female college student?
    How about female yard sale shoppers?

  3. RIBZ totally changed the game for me. The pack is so comfortable I forget I’m wearing it. I no longer waste time digging through my backpack. I instantly felt a difference when I moved a just a few pounds up front into the RIBZ. All my most important items are on me at all times and I’ve got them right where I can get them with ease. I’d have to say that this is the one item to come along in a while that I actually can’t wait to use and use on every trip. I have already saved myself an endless amount of time packing on recent trips. I know my RIBZ pack is always pre-packed and ready to go. Can’t recommend this pack enough!

  4. Was wondering in the pocket you had your small pistol..if it would hold a full size glock 9mm in the same pocket?

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