Stevens 350 Pump Security


Are Shotguns Good SHTF Guns?

I have not yet added a shotgun to my weapons cache. I do have an old single shot shotgun with a bunch of shells, but nothing practical for SHTF. The reason that I have not bought one (yet) is this. If I have to Bug-Out, shot shells are heavy and take up a lot of room. I could have 550 22 lr. in the same space as 1 box of 12 gauge shells. I have a wife, three kids and two dogs to take with me. Like I said that is the reason that I have not yet, got a shotgun for SHTF. (Rest assured I will be armed to the teeth with the weapons that I do have.)

Cost is another factor.  I have long been thinking of getting a Remington 870 shotgun.  However, these shotguns are not the cheapest things to acquire.  However, I visited a local gun shop last weekend and I think I have found something that does fit the bill.  Have you looked at the Savage Arms / Stevens 350 Pump Security (with Ghost Ring sights)? Note: Savage Arms owns Stevens Arms.  I found the Stevens 350 to be a light and easily maneuverable for a shotgun. The shells are still heavy, but I have a 17 year old who I think could carry this for us (lol…little does he know).

I liked the feature of the Ghost Ring sights.  They are pretty easy for me to use since I have a lot of trigger time on the M-16 from my Army days.  Another feature that I found to be unique is the bottom eject for the shells.  Instead of flying out the side, they drop straight down to your boots.

The Stevens 350 pump shotgun appears to be well made and something that would be very handy in SHTF cases.

Stevens 350 Pump “Security” Specifications

According to www.SavageArms.Com the Stevens 350 Pump Security with Ghost Ring sites weighs in at 7.6 Lbs. It is 38.25″ long, has an 18.5″ barrel, is right handed, and hold five rounds.  The current MSRP is about $270.00.  The Stevens 350 Pump comes in a matte black finish and has a synthetic stock.  You can also get them with a vented rib and a bead sight, or a rifle sight, or the Ghost Ring sight.

You can see the full spec sheet on it at: and then click the 12 gauge button.

For a look at another high value reasonably priced shotgun take a look at the review of the CZ-USA Model 912 Semi Automatic shotgun on http://www.RealitySurvival.Com as well.

Do any of you own one of these Stevens 350 Pump “Security” Shotguns?

If so, please tell us your thoughts, both pro and con. – Jiske-h (Ghost)

Note: This post was originally posted on   In Sept 2012 Ghost was unable to continue his blogging efforts and asked me to take over for him.  As such I have decided to repost his articles here for the prepping community to be able to continue to learn from.  The portion on the Stevens Pump Security Specs was added in by Jj Johnson.

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