Best Way To Store Dry Goods – Long Term


Best Way To Store Dry Goods – Long Term

Have you ever wondered what is the best way to store your dry goods? Well wonder no more because this post will show you what I believe is the best way to store your dry goods for the long haul. Leaving your dry goods in the packaging that it came with from the factory almost ensures that it will not stay good long term.  So you need to transfer the product into a container that is going to protect it from moisture, bugs, pests, oxygen, etc. My good friend Dave put together a great article on Long Term Food Storage using buckets, mylar bags and oxygen absorbers.  I suggest you take a look at that article as well to see if that method is right for you too! To see the method that I think works really well check out the video below!

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Using glass Mason or Ball style jars offers a few really great benefits.  First and foremost is that if there is a big long term disaster Mason jars will be super handy to have! If you need to can your garden vegetables you will have plenty on hand. They can also be used for containers, mugs, etc.  Second, as far as protecting the dry goods they do wonderful as long as you have a good seal.  They will protect the food from moisture and varmints and if stored in a room with no windows or if stored inside of another opaque container they will keep the light from getting in as well.   One viewer on the video recommended lining the jar with brown paper bags well to block the light. Third, the portion sizes are much more reasonable that having to use a large mylar bag worth of product and they are resealable!

To create the seal on my jars I used a Food Saver 4800 with Mason Jar attachment and that seems to have worked quite well. Some people also recommend putting the dry goods in the oven at low temps for a bit to be sure to remove any excess moisture and to kill off any bacteria that may be present from the factory. While I didn’t do that to this batch I think it is probably a great idea!

What items can be stored using this method? Pretty much anything that is dry.  In this batch I canned up some white rice, oatmeal, baking soda, kidney beans, pinto beans, sugar, and some pancake mix and baking flour. Your imagination is really the limit.  I also even canned up a bunch of survival seeds.

You can also use these Mason Jars for storing water if you were so inclined!

Here are the Amazon links to some of the items used in this video!

How Do You Store Your Dry Goods For The Long Term? Let us know in the comments below!


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