Surefire P2X Fury Review


SureFire P2X Fury Review with Intellibeam

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The world of tactical flashlights changed in 1997 with the introduction of the 6Z SureFire Weapon Light by Laser Products.  In fact the name SureFire became such an icon in the tactical light industry that the company Laser Products, decided to adopt the SureFire name for the entire company instead of just one light in their product line.  The 6Z that you see below was the flashlight I took with me on my first deployment to Saudi Arabia in support of Operation Southern Watch, so it holds a place near and dear in my heart. And after 16 years it still works like a charm! But I am not the only person who has fond memories of this light.  In fact, way back then at a whopping 65 lumens the 6Z set the standard for a small portable compact tactical flashlights.  Then 18 years later in 2015 SureFire set the new standard for all tactical flashlights with the introduction of the Surefire P2X Fury with their patented Intellibeam technology.  This light is a 600 lumen powerhouse whose rugged reliability and top performance leads the way in performance tactical flashlights.

2016-05-09 21.59.25 2016-05-09 21.58.58     What makes this light stand out from all of the rest in the pack is the Intellibeam technology.  Sure there are other lights out there with higher lumens and Candela.  But for those who use lights a lot in tight quarters with other team members we all know there is such a thing as having lights that are too bright. 600 lumens strikes the perfect balance.  Plenty bright enough to temporarily impair a subjects vision when shined directly in their face.  However, not so bright that it is killing your own vision with splash back and washing out details in your sight.  The common hazard with ultra bright lights is getting splash back from bright and reflective surfaces. Even the splash back from a white wall or door can do a number on you if you aren’t expecting it.  But all of that has been eliminated with Intellibeam. The Intellibeam microprocessor senses how much light is getting splashed back into the light and adjusts the lights output accordingly so you will not inadvertently impair your own vision with splash back. It works seamlessly!  Checkout my video review of the Surefire P2X Fury with Intellibeam technology in the video below!

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Specifications for SureFire Flashlight – P2X w/ IntelliBeam:

Output High: 600 Lumens
Output Low: 5 Lumens
Runtime High: 1.5hrs
Runtime Low: 45hrs
Bezel Diameter: 1.4in
Length: 5.8in
Weight: 5.8oz
Materials: Aerospace Aluminum, Tempered Window
Finish: Mil-Spec Type III Hard Anodized
Batteries: 2x 123A

Overall Impression of the SureFire P2X Fury with Intellibeam:

2016-05-09 21.04.38

I believe that this light and the associated technology will very likely end up being the Law Enforcement and Military standard for tactical flashlights.  The light is rugged and reliable just like every SureFire product but more than that it is smart.  It will help to keep you from ruining your own vision inadvertently. Anyone who has ever been temporarily blinded when clearing a house and accidentally coming around a corner and being surprised by a full length mirror in the corner will fully appreciate how much an unexpected flash in the face can slow you down. Seeing spots for minutes afterward does not make target identification easy! This light will reduce that likelihood and help to keep your tactical edge in a critical situation. I give this flashlight 10 out of 10 stars!

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Where To Buy A SureFire P2X Fury With Intellibeam?

I would like to thank Optics Planet for sending this light out for me to review. If you would like to see more information about this light click the following link: to visit their website! They have a ton of products that range from tactical and hunting to survival and prepping, shooting supplies, optics and more! Be sure to use the code “Reality5” at checkout to receive a 5% discount on your entire order at Optics Planet!

What is your favorite tactical flashlight? Let us know in the comments below!

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