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Low Cost High Value Survival Gear by Vigilant Trails

Vigilant Trails Fishing Kit

Many people steer clear of buying prepackaged Survival Kits, because often they don’t have enough good and useable items in them to make much of a real difference, plus they are typically cost prohibitive as well!  Have you seen the prices on some of those Bear Grylls Survival kits?  Ridiculous…

Vigilant Trails has a low cost but high value line of Survival Gear that is a great option for those people looking to buy a prepackaged Survival Kit, First Aid Kit or Fishing Kit.  They even offer a Pet First Aid Kit as well!  The biggest benefit about Vigilant Trails kits are the cost.  You can get some life saving survival gear without having to break the bank.

The words Survival Kit can be a bit misleading to those who are unfamiliar with wilderness survival techniques.  Any expert in the field will tell you that the three biggest factors that will affect your survival in a wilderness emergency scenario are as follows.  First is your Will To Survive.  Second is your knowledge of wilderness survival techniques.  Third is the survival gear you have available to assist you in meeting your 5 basic needs.  Click Here to see an article on the 5 Basic Needs In A Survival Situation.

The Vigilant Trails survival gear will help you with the third factor.  The survival gear you have with you.  These kits are small and lightweight and packed in durable containers so you can throw them in a day pack or in your vehicle, etc.  So there is really no excuse not to have them with you when you need them.  These kits are not all inclusive however, as you should always travel with a basic compliment of gear any time you go into the woods, these kits are a great addition.  Click Here to see the minimum level of gear I carry when I go into the woods.  But these kits certainly can and do compliment any additional gear that you may already carry.  As the old saying goes; three is two, two is one and one is none.  These kits are great little back up and redundancy options!

Vigilant Trails Survival Kit Review

Take a look at the video below to see the components of the Vigilant Trails Survival Kit and my thoughts on some of the gear that is included in the kit.

Vigilant Trails First Aid Kit Review

Untreated minor injuries are often what lead to more severe major injuries.  With the Vigilant Trails First Aid kit you will be able to treat many minor injuries and even a few bigger ones.  This isn’t a trauma kit or a blow out kit, but it can certainly help treat some of the most common injuries that take place in the woods!  Check out the video below to see the contents of the Vigilant Trails First Aid Kit.

Vigilant Trails Pocket Fishing Kit

Statistically most Wilderness Survival Situations are over within 72 hours, however there are many stories of folks being out in the wilderness for days and even weeks on end.  A fishing kit is a nice little piece of gear that can substantially increase your ability to catch food to eat while you are waiting for rescue or while you are trying to affect your own rescue.  Take a look at the video below to see the components of the Vigilant Trails Fishing Kit.

What Would You Add to This Vigilant Trails Survival Gear To Make Them Better? Let Us Know In The Comments Below!


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3 thoughts on “Survival Gear By Vigilant Trails

  1. I have never heard of the vigilant trails prepacked gear bags. I have seen the Bear Grylls gear pack and I didn’t even think of it a second time because how expensive it was haha. But thanks for the heads up on the new packs.
    I’ll probably have to pick one up to see!


  2. These packs are pretty sick! I first saw them before Christmas, and I picked one up the other day. It pretty much can and will save your life if you need it, but lets just say if you are on your fence, go for! Go pick it up!

  3. These kits are new to me, and they definitely caught my attention. I never usually bother to invest in safety and preparedness gear but this article definitely convinced me of its merits. The Survival Kit and First Aid package caught my attention because my family and I prefer to spend most of our free time outdoors, either camping or fishing. I like being prepared, but I never realized I lacked the gear to even consider myself well-equipped for outdoor survival. I certainly am now with the Vigilant Trails Survival and First Aid kits.

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