Ten Minute Fire – No Prep


Waist High Twig Fire In Less Than 10 Minutes

Here is a look at a quick demo on how to build a waist high fire with little to no preparation, except site selection and a handful of jute twine balled up into a bird’s nest.  It was about 15 degrees outside ambient temp, with moderate winds in mid January.  There was some snow on the ground in places, but otherwise fairly dry.  The key to building this fire (and any other fire for that matter) is preparation before you ignite your tinder and a good site selection close to good resources.  Just because it is winter doesn’t mean you need to build a split wood fire (Click the previous link to see a demo on how to build a split wood fire).  Even if you do build a split wood fire, you usually only will need to split up enough to get larger fuel burning.

Many survival blogs and websites and YouTube channels show a lot of fire making where they are taking very cool high priced bushcraft knives and beating them through a bunch of logs and breaking that down into kindling.  Which is fun and I thoroughly enjoy doing that as well.  But in reality you only need to build a split wood fire in pretty extreme wet conditions.  Most of the time, in most of the lower 48 states building a split wood fire would be a whole lot of work, when a squaw wood fire or twig fire, like this one could have been done much easier and faster! Click this link to see a demo I do on showing that even wet squaw wood burns.  Splitting piles and piles of wood with a knife is just silly and unneeded in many, if not most circumstances.  But if your just practicing, then by all means have a ball!  It’s a great skill set to have because there can be extremely wet environments and weather conditions that can dictate the need for a split wood fire.  But typically a squaw wood fire or twig fire will do just fine.  Click the following link to see an instruction demo on the basics of building a Squaw wood or twig fire: http://www.realitysurvival.com/how-to-build-a-fire-with-squaw-woo/

Take a look at the video below to see this demo.

Click Here To Watch On YouTube.

What is your favorite method of building fire?

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  1. Keep a clump of drier lint for tinder and a container of hand sanitizer in my kit. Hi alcohol content makes for easy starting.

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