The 5 Rules of Improvising



The 5 Rules of Improvising

These five rules can be applied to almost any situation.  Whether it be making a wooden spoon around a camp fire, when lost in the wilderness or identifying the best way to get first aid in an ice storm to what to do with the meat in your freezer if the electricity goes out for an extended period of time.  Here are the five rules and they should be followed in order:

(1)Determine your current need.


(2)Inventory your possessions and available materials.


(3)Consider all alternatives to solving needs.


(4)Select the best alternative which provides the most efficient use of time, energy, and materials.


(5) Execute your plan to ensure safety and effectiveness.

The 5 Rules Of Improvising Can Be Used In Multiple Situations!

To give you a better idea of how these rules might be applied consider the following.  An economic/financial disaster strikes, hyperinflation has caused the economy to falter and electricity is only available at your home for three hours a day.  Food prices have gone through the roof and you can’t afford to have all of the meat in your freezer go bad.  So you have identified your need (electricity to keep the freezer and refrigerator working).  You inventory your possessions and find that you have a small backup generator, but the muffler is bad and it is very noisy.  You do have gasoline for the generator, but worry that the excessive noise may upset the neighbors or worse highlight to a would be thief that you have a generator that he also needs.  Now you consider alternatives.  Your parents live just across the state line 15 mins away where the power is still functioning properly and they have extra space in their freezer.  You also have a friend who lives an hour away that has extra room in his freezer.  Ordering the parts to fix the generator (which you will do) will take 2 weeks for the parts to arrive.  Driving an hour to your friends house every time you want to get some food, isn’t a good option because the price of gas is so high.  But taking the frozen food to your parents house will only take 15 mins.  The most efficient plan given this situation is to take the food to our parents house.  Then once the generator is fixed or the electricity comes back on you transfer the food back to your freezer.  So you have selected the best alternative.  Now all that is left is to load up the frozen meat and get it to your parents house as quickly as you can and order that new muffler.  The plan has now been executed.

As you can see the 5 Rules of improvising are very basic, yet flexible and they will allow you to make the right and BEST decision to meet your needs.   Once these rules are learned and applied in everyday situations you will become very efficient at identifying the best solutions for any emergency situation if and when it should present itself.

Have You Ever Used The 5 Rules Of Improvising? If So How?

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