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Top 10 Most Common Emergency Food Fails Infographic

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4 thoughts on “Top 10 Emergency Food Fails

  1. I’ll pick on two of these; 1 and 7.

    As for number 1, this person might still be able to eat that wheat. He can sprout them, or soak them and eat them as wheat berries.

    Number 7; this is a bit of a issue with me. Specifically, there was a lengthy discussion on a forum wherein Mountain House and Wise Foods were compared for their moisture content, and how that drastically affects shelf life. Wise was found to have a large moisture content per a third party lab. I watched the resulting fracas, and was entirely underwhelmed with Wise’s defense. They never made a case in their favor – just attacks and insinuations. I lost all respect for them. The simplest answer to the challenge would have been to publish their own in-house test results. But they never did.

  2. LP, I hadn’t heard that about the difference between the two. Have they shown that the shelf life was shorter as a result?

  3. Shelf life is majorly dependent on oxygen present within the can. The 3rd party tests showed O2 levels that approached 30% in some cases. I read the results and the sampling methods. Completely random checks on near 30 products. The results were pretty varied, with the result that I simply could not trust my family’s potential future to it.

    If JJ is okay with me posting the link to that thread here, here it is.
    Both Mountain House and Wise chipped in on that one. It was very enlightening to see how each company handled the quarrel, and to see who was willing to lay it on the line and be classy about it. Be ready to sit down for a while and read, though….

    I thought it was very cool… a story that MH freeze dried the soaked books from a library fire, and saved them. hehe.
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