Top 17 Skill Sets For A Modern Minuteman


Top 17 Skill Sets For A Modern Minuteman

This post was requested by a viewer on my Youtube Channel.  He ask if I would provide him some information on what I thought would be good skill sets for a modern minuteman to train in to be ready to help defend the nation from foreign invaders or from a tyrannical government. So take a look at the video below to see what made my list!

Watch on Youtube here:

If you prefer to read the list here you go!

  1. Basic Survival Skils – Water, Fire, Shelter, Food.
  2. First Aid, Trauma Care, TQ use, Self aid — Herbal Meds – Improvised First aid.
  3. Hand to hand combat, self defense, striking, ground fighting, using edged weapons, batons, staffs, less lethal options, etc.
  4. Marksmanship – pistol, rifle, shotgun, bow, sling shot.  Shoot, move and communicate. Using and shooting from cover.  CQB, intermediate distance and long distance.
  5. Navigation, orienting a map, making a six point checklist, following a heading, taking a reverse heading, triangulation, reading contour lines, reading coords – lat/long, UTM/MGRS grids, etc.
  6. Camoflague and concealment techniques – personal, vechicles, equipment, camps, etc.
  7. Ambush and counterambush techniques.
  8. Intelligence collection, reconnasance, running informants, double agents, analyzing information from multiple sources.
  9. Military Strategy – Operational Planning – unconventional warfare -guerrilla warfare – insurgencies – thinking several steps ahead- winning public opinion- Logistics supply chains – work rest cycles – perimeter defense.
  10. Group sanitation – latrines, showers, clothes washing, etc.
  11. Communication – interpersonal – radios – line of sight – anntennae setups- tactical hand signals – ground to air- morse code.
  12. Traps – booby traps – man traps – dead falls – pit falls – pungy sticks, etc.
  13. Sabotage techniques – rendering vehicles inoperable – contaminating fuel, food, and water supplies, etc.
  14. Prisoner operations – restraints, separation, interrogation, care and feeding, etc.
  15. Off road driving techniques, Trucks, ATVs, motor cycles, dirt bikes, vehicle recovery operations, snatch straps,  using winches, flip flop wench, etc.
  16. Escape and Evasion Techniques on foot. Gray man techniques, Lock picking, escaping restraints, handcuffs, road and fence crossings, evasive driving techniques. Hotwiring cars, Tracking, countertracking, escaping dogs, etc.
  17. Countersurveillance and surveillance detection. Know how to loose surveillance and how to detect if you are being followed and know how to follow without being detected both on foot and in vehicles, individually and as a team.

What Would You Add To Your Minuteman Skills List? Let us know in the comments below!


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