Top 25 Pre-Attack Indicators For Self Defense


Top 25 Pre-Attack Indicators For Self Defense

Getting in fights hurt.  They are not really fun at all.  Anyone who has ever gotten into a fist fight should be of the same mindset.  Personally I would much rather try to avoid a fist fight if it is at all possible.  One way to be able to do that is to know what pre-attack indicators look like. Knowing these indictors can help you identify when a person is getting amped up and when they may be thinking that they are willing to get into a fist fight with you. The tips in this video are some very common pre-attack indicators that you see in an average person when a fight is developing organically.  These tips may not necessarily apply to a situation where the offender has pre-mediated what they are going to do.  But for situations like a person getting upset in a bar or nightclub these tips will do a fairly good job of predicting when a person is getting ready to get violent.  This will be an opportunity for you to extricate yourself from the situation or if no other avenue of escape is possible, then you can be ready to defend yourself or possibly strike first if you feel it is warranted. Be careful about striking first and know your state laws regarding this because it could cause you to be the aggressor and make you liable with getting charged for assault, even though the other guy is the one that was pushing the issue.

Checkout the video below to see what I believe is the Top 25 Pre-Attack Indicators for self defense.

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What Other Pre-Attack Indicators Would You Add To This List? Let us know in the comments below!


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6 thoughts on “Top 25 Pre-Attack Indicators For Self Defense

  1. Super interesting video. Was a tad long for me but you really got a lot of information in it. If you can believe I’ve never been in a fight. <32 now. I've never got myself into a situation thank goodness to be in a fight. Would be cool if you could add some de-escalation techniques too. Maybe a new video?

  2. Yes, getting in fights definitely hurt. Unfortunately, my younger brother was in a fight last week and spent a couple days in the hospital for precautionary reasons.

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