Urban Survival Tips: An Easy Way To Break Vehicle Glass


Urban Survival Tips: An Easy Way To Break Vehicle Glass In An Emergency

Here are a couple of quick tips on ways to make breaking vehicle glass a little easier.  Should you ever find yourself needing to break into or out of a vehicle to extricate a person (or yourself) who is stuck after a wreck.  Or if you needed to break into a vehicle after a collapse of the government to gather supplies or whatever the case may be.  These urban survival tips might make it a touch easier.

Tip #1: If you are striking the window with a rock or other impact device make sure to hit the window near one of the lower corners as close to the door frame as possible.

Tip #2: One easy way to break glass is to carry a few small pieces of ceramic or porcelain in your Get Home Bag or Emergency Urban Survival Kit, etc. This can easily be obtained from insulator portion of a spark plug.  I show you how to prepare it in the video below.

Tip #3: Not in the video but you can also carry a spring loaded center punch as well! From the comments on this Youtube video many people have recommended them!

Tip #4: Cary a Resqme.  This is a great little safety device that is made to be able to easily cut seatbelt straps and break window glass in an emergency.

Of course you can always grab a huge rock and smash the window as well, but these tips are meant to be a little more sophisticated than that, hopefully!

What Are The Effective Ways To Break Glass That You Know Of?

Let us know in the comments below!

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3 thoughts on “Urban Survival Tips: An Easy Way To Break Vehicle Glass

  1. One of the easiest ways to break glass, particularly side windows and rear windows that are under pressure such as would be the case in a rollover: Any sharp pointed metal object such as a chisel, a punch, even a knife, tapped into the corner of the window will cause the glass to break into small pieces and fall away. In the same case, a large rock, a hammer, even a handy man jack, will bounce off, frequently coming back at you as hard as you swung it. Special tools are available for breaking windows, they aren’t required! A really cheapo window breaker is a plastic bag with several porcelain chips made from spark plug porcelain that has been crushed A chip thrown at a window will cause it to vaporize!

  2. Car thieves often carry an old spark plug in their pocket. Keep it intact. Grasp it in your hand as you would a knife when making a downward stabbing motion with the top (the part the cable attaches to) extending out past your fist and small finger. Stand with your back to car and to the side of the window. With a fast and hard backstroke strike the window towards the bottom.

    A spring-loaded centerpunch will also do the job. The inexpensive centerpunch from Harbor Freight is great. It doesn’t require room to swing as the rescue hammers do. I have 1 or 2 of these clipped to visors in each of my vehicles. An inexpensive razor knife (the kind where the entire blade is slid in and out and the forward most point is snapped off as it gets dull) will also cut quickly cut through the belt webbing. These are lightweight and clip easily to a visor. They are also useful for a myriad of things where a dedicated belt cutter can’t be used.

    The principles of successfully breaking laminated safety glass are 1) a small surface area on the striking surface, 2) toughness of the material (ie does not shatter upon impact) and 3) a sharp, fast strike. Think of shoe heels: having your foot stomped by someone wearing customary Oxford style shoe heels is not as bad (it still hurts like the dickens) as getting your foot stomped by someone wearing riding heels on a pair of cowboy boots. As the surface area of the heel gets smaller the amount of force (weight) needed to break one of your tarsal bones. The worst is getting stomped by someone wearing stilleto heels i.e. smallest heel surface area.

    With this in mind small stubby screwdrivers, leather awls, etc are great. If swinging at a window from the outside, people generally have a stronger backhand when close to be target. This is also more covert as well as protecting your face and eyes from flying glass.

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