Uses For A 550 ParaCord Bracelet In A Survival Situation

Para Cord Bracelet Uses In A Wilderness Survival Situation


In my opinion the top three items a person should always have with them are a knife, a fire starter, and extra cord.  In the past, I personally always found it easy to keep a knife and fire starter with me.  But 550 Cord was more cumbersome and quite honestly I routinely left it behind, or in my truck or pack, etc.  But now there is really no excuse for that anymore.  If you have been online and looked at survival related gear you have probably noticed that there are several companies who offer a lot of different 550 Para Cord related products.  I recently had the opportunity to get acquainted with Hawk Reno, who owns and runs www.CombatParaCord.Com.  Hawk has an excellent selection of 550 Para Cord products and I highly recommend you take a look at them because like I said earlier, having some extra 550 Para Cord on you in a wilderness or emergency survival situation can be very useful.  The great thing about Hawk’s products is that they are all very convenient to carry on your person or on your pack.  Which is critically important for Every Day Carry (EDC) items, because if it isn’t convenient and easy to have with you, chances are you will stop carrying it.  Then when you need it most it won’t be there for you.

www.CombatParaCord.Com also carries other 550 Para Cord items which are all very useful as well.  In addition to these 550 Para Cord bracelets, he also has lanyards, necklaces, zipper pulls, and key ring lanyards.  All of these items could be highly useful in a wilderness or emergency survival situation.

CombatParaCord.Com was generous enough to provide with me with a couple of 550 Para Cord bracelets to try out and do a review of to see just how well they hold up and to take a look at all of the kinds of things they could be used for in the field if needed.  So take a look at this video to see a few demonstrations and some discussion of how these 550 Para Cord Bracelets can be used in a wilderness emergency.


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Possible Para Cord Bracelet Variations

I can only really offer two “possible” points of improvement and to be honest I am not even sure how possible these additions would be, but I will throw them out for Hawk to take a look at for future product development.  1. Consider offering a version with a small button compass built into the bracelet  2. Consider offering a version with a “whistleloc” type buckle, which has an emergency whistle built into the buckle.  A bracelet that offered both a compass and whistle loc buckle, might be an good additional to an already excellent product and I am sure many Hunters, Fishermen, Survivalist, Preppers, and Outdoorsmen and women in general would consider adding them to their Every Day Carry items.  Even if Hawk isn’t able to offer those potential upgrades, the products he already offers are so far and away better than the previous options of throwing a gaggle of line in a pocket or pack, that everyone should still consider looking at his stuff and incorporating them into their Every Day Carry items in my opinion.

All in all I think CombatParaCord.Com has some excellent products that could be very useful as Every Day Carry items and could certainly be highly useful in a wilderness or emergency situation where you needed some extra 550 cord.  Having extra 550 Para Cord really increases your options and give you additional resources, which is critical to increasing your chances of survival in an emergency situation.  Again the best features about these products are that they are, reasonably priced, well built, easy and efficient to use, convenient to wear and are becoming more and more fashionable, and are offered in a variety of color combinations.  Checkout Hawk’s selection, you won’t be disappointed with his service, he gets his products out in the mail quickly and has excellent customer service, as well as well built quality products!

 Have you had or used a Para Cord Bracelet?  What are your thoughts, please leave a comment below!

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2 Responses to Uses For A 550 ParaCord Bracelet In A Survival Situation

  1. Tracy says:

    Looks like a great product! I think with the additions you suggested these would be great for young kids especially scouts who camp.

  2. JJ says:

    Yea, they are pretty cool. There are several different companies out there that make these and the range of products is growing quickly as well. Bracelets, Necklaces, rifle slings, watch bands, hat bands, key fobs, etc.

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