Utica UTK-B6 Survival Knife Review


The Utica UTK-B6 Is One Sweet Survival Knife!

I rarely rave about survival knives because all too often they come with too many gimmicks and they are not highly functional at all of the basics tasks that a survival knife needs to excel at.  The Utica UTK-B6 is one survival knife that I really like a lot and as you will see in the video below it is very functional at the core survival tasks such as battening through firewood, making kindling, tinder, etc.

Watch The Full Utica UTK-B6 Survival Knife Review Below

Click Here To Watch On Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M7KPDPDpC5A&t=423s

Specifications for the Utica UTK-B6 Survival Knife

Blade Material: 1095 High Carbon Steel

Rockwell Hardness: 58-59

Blade Length: 7 Inches

Handle Length: 5.8 Inches

Overall Length: 12.8 Inches

Handle Material: Black Micarta Scales

Bolster Material: Engraved Gray Micarta

Blade Finish: Textured Black Powder Coat

Overall Assessment Of The Utica UTK-B6 Survival Knife

Overall, I give this survival knife a 9 out of 10 stars.  It feels wonderful in the hand and excels at all of the basic functions that a survival knife should excel at.  It is balanced well and gives the user a great feeling of control especially for such a large knife.  A high degree of control is something that is typically lacking in many larger survival knives. My only recommendations for improvement are to remove the false edge on the last couple of inches of the blade and just let the natural width extend all the way to the tip of the knife.  The other recommendation for improvement would be to just make sure the ferro rod is fitted properly into the ferro rod holder.  When I received the knife I tested the ferro rod was jammed into the holder and very difficult to remove and upon doing so it damaged one of the two o rings that hold it in place. Both of these things are very minor in my opinion and overall this is an excellent survival knife that will certainly serve you very well for years to come! Be sure to check them out at http://www.KutMaster.Com/.

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