What Is A Get Home Bag


What Is A Get Home Bag?

As outdoorsmen, survivalists and preppers we love our kits and bags!  We have survival kits and fire kits, shelter kits and bushcraft kits, etc.  We also have Bug Out Bags, Go Bags, 72 Hour Bags, INCH Bags and Get Home Bags.  Well this post is going to deal with the latter.  The Get Home Bag.  What is a Get Home Bag, How should it be used, how big should it be and what should go inside of it? Check out the two videos below for answers to both of those questions!  You can also check out this earlier post I did on the same subject, that didn’t have an accompanying video: http://www.realitysurvival.com/get-home-bag/

Get Home Bag – Concept


What Are The Contents Of A Get Home Bag?


What Other Items Do You Think Could Go In A Get Home Bag?

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4 thoughts on “What Is A Get Home Bag

  1. I have Get Home bags in both my vehicles. The bag in my car is slightly larger/heavier than the one in my Jeep due to me generally being farther from home in my car than the Jeep. My bags can keep me warm, dry, fed, watered and protected for up to 48 hours while I trek home. After 48 hours, I would need to find something else to eat. Not a problem!


  2. I went with that bag for three primary reasons. First, it fits perfectly in front of my console in my truck. Second, it looks a little less “Tactical” that some bags, but is heavy duty enough to last. And third it allows me to carry it in a manner that I can quickly access the sidearm if needed.

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