Top 12 Things Preppers Should Teach Their Children


Top 12 Things Preppers Should Teach Their Children

Being a parent is hard but it usually has the most profound effect on people and it is usually for the better! I am pretty much certain that if I hadn’t become a parent I probably would either be in prison or homeless right now.  Even though taking care of children is hard in most cases they usually do us more good that we like to admit.  Nevertheless, we do need to be mindful about what we teach our children and how we go about raising them.  So this post is just a few suggestions on things that I think are important to teach to our children.  This is by no means an exhaustive list just the Top 12 big ones that popped into my head when I sat down to think about this subject.  Also please don’t think that I am suggesting that I am a perfect parent, because I am far from it.  However, I have raised two children to adulthood and am progressing nicely on the third so I do at least have some experience.

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This is the Top 12 Items To Teach Your Children

  • Be resilient. Sometimes bad things happen in life. We don’t always win and when you loose you learn from it and get back up and try again. Failure is nothing but another opportunity to succeed! Improvise Adapt and overcome.  Be resilient.
  • Situational Awareness. Quiz them on where to go if something bad happens.  How to seek cover.  The difference between cover and concealment.  Teach them where exits are typically located.  What to do if they hear gun shots, see a fire, etc.  What are the cardinal directions, quiz them when you are driving. Teach them the roads you use and how to get from place to place. Children are far more capable of being situationally aware than many people give them credit for. 
  • Self Defense.  Teach your children how to fight, wrestle, box, etc.  What to do if someone was to grab them and try to kidnap them.  This can be done in the early ages through rough and tumble play and as they reach their teen years or earlier in the way of formal instruction.  Age really depends on the maturity level of the child.
  • Speak up – but know when to listen.  Teach them the skill of knowing when to speak their mind and when to stand up for their opinion and when to take orders and do what they are told.  You don’t want to raise whimps who don’t stand up for what they believe and are always submissive. But they do need to know the time and place as to when they can express themselves.  This is critical for children to learn so that they know in an emergency, it is the time to follow orders.  But for you this also means that you have to frequently take time to listen to them and talk with them about their beliefs and teach them how the world really works. 
  • Self reliance.  Prepping is not done from a place of fear, but from a position of strength so that we can always be more self reliant. Because in real life bad things do happen and we want to be in a position to help the people around us and not have to be a burden to the government and our neighbors. Striving for self reliance is a civic responsibility. 
  • First aid.  Teach children the basics of how to use a tourniquet and how to apply a pressure dressing.  How to stop most bleeding with direct pressure and elevation. How to do CPR and the Heimlich maneuver. The more the better! Who knows it may just save your life! 

  • Wilderness survival skills.  Teach them the basics of how to survive in the wilderness.  Shelter, fire, water purification, navigation by the sun and stars, compass and map, etc. These are indispensable basic skills that every human should know.  I also find that children really love being in the woods as well!  
  • Responsibility.  Teach them personal responsibility and integrity.  Do not let them get away with things that you know they did.  Ensure they learn the value of being honest and trustworthy. This is hugely important for their ability to function in society and in a prepper group if the SHTF.  Also teach them personal responsibility and carrying their own weight by doing chores and helping out as part of the group.
  • Civics.  Teach them the Constitutional Republic system of government and the importance of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights and that it all relies on us being an active participant in the process.  Show them that you vote, take them to rallies with you, show them that getting involved is important.  Teach them the dangers of socialism and communism.
  • Teach them to shoot and hunt.  Start teaching the importance of firearm safety at a very early age.  Teach them to shoot at 8 to 11 years of age.  Start slow and progress as they are able to do so.  Take them hunting and shooting at the range.  By the time they are 18 they should be ready to start taking firearm and tactical training classes. 
  • Teach them compassion and the value of charity.  Show them that caring for others is important and by being prepared you are always in a better position to be able to donate to the food banks, help families at Christmas time, etc.  We need more compassion in the world today.
  • Avoid debt.  Teach them that debt is slavery and avoiding it at all costs is the smartest way to live and the fastest path to wealth building. This is best done through example so getting out of debt yourself is an important part of this!

What Items Would You Add To List List That IS Important To Teach Children? Comment below! 

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